Honoring a WWII POW

***written at my dining room table, sipping turmeric tea and trying to get tired so I can survive my 12 hour night shift that I start tonight*** Happy Friday! Yes.  I do still exist.  Yes.  Work has been insane...more so than usual, but that is not for this post (promise I will catch you up... Continue Reading →

Carolina Christmas

***written while stuffing my face with the most incredible white mac and cheese in the SLC Delta Sky lounge...how is this stuff so good?*** It's only appropriate to start this post with a Hey Y'all! Christmas was amazing...minus the fact Lizz was starting a new job in Vegas (so proud but missed her). My parents... Continue Reading →

The Major Promotion

***written at the airport...wishing I had coffee...correction, good coffee...which they do not have here*** Good morning! Christmas was a complete blur. However, that is for another post. This one is about my promotion ceremony. Mom, Dad, and Auntie Judy were able to come out for the 22 Dec ceremony. My Lt, Harriet, planned everything...for which... Continue Reading →

Yellow Branch Falls and Willy Tacos

Location: Mountain Rest / Walhalla, Oconee County, SC. There are signs...easy to find parking lot. Distance: 3 miles Difficulty: Easy Pet friendly: Yes Pay off: Yes. Beautiful walk through forest with tall waterfall at the end. Will be mind-blowing after rain. I have a checklist of all the waterfalls I want to see in SC.... Continue Reading →

Kings Creek Falls

Location: Long Creek, South Carolina (Sumter National Forest, Oconee District) Distance: 1/2 mile to falls Difficulty: Easy Pet friendly: Yes. You could even bring a cat on this one. Pay off: HUGE Cassie and Stephen drove up from Atlanta and meet me in the Sumter Forest for this hike. If you are meeting people there,... Continue Reading →

Dabbling in Princess

***written in bed...fighting the need to sleep...but the need to catch up with you is greater...wish me luck*** Hey!  It's been a while since we talked.  If you've been reading my adventures for a while, you know this isn't surprising behavior.  I get so busy that I forget to pause and reflect and next thing... Continue Reading →

Issaqueena Falls

Location: Walhalla, South Carolina (Sumter National Forest, Oconee District) Distance: 1/4 mile to base Difficulty: Easy if you go to the viewing platform. A little more difficult if you climb to base of falls...but not slippery or dangerous. Pet friendly: If your dog is ok jumping up and down rocks, yes. Pay off: worth it.... Continue Reading →

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