All You Need Is Love

***written in bed in the Loews Hotel Vogue Montreal while Scott is watching Batman in French*** Bonjour! Why are we in Canada? Well, Scott and I booked our tickets to Rome for our honeymoon over a month ago and then this week, we found out Hurricane Florence was supposed to hit on Friday, the exact... Continue Reading →

4 Weekends & 4 States

***written on a rare lunch break, listening to Aretha Franklin (heaven sounds a little sweeter today)*** Hello! Life is the same crazy whirlwind pace. Being married to Scott is basically the coolest thing on the planet. So blessed to have an adventure/workout/be weird with buddy. I am so freaking happy. Work is work. We will... Continue Reading →

Amanda and Scott Tie the Knot

****written from my hotel room in Montgomery, AL, pieces at the airport while waiting for my flight (delayed then canx, and finally at home**** Here it is family & friends. The post you have waited over two months for. A lot of it will be pictures. Ciara Rose (seriously, if you are in Cali and... Continue Reading →

Nothin’ Finer Than Bein’ in Carolina

***written at my kitchen table, double fisting sparkle cherry and apricot for those who want to be specific*** Hello My Friends. Thank you to those who keep reading my updates that basically happen once a month and give a small glimpse into the chaos that is my life.  I appreciate your support reading my... Continue Reading →

The Great Escape

***written while curled up in bed drinking a watermelon sparkle water*** Aloha! I hope this finds everyone well. If you are looking for the wedding blog, you will have to wait. I am waiting for my pictures so I can show you how awesome it was. I didn't have my phone in me except for... Continue Reading →

Wedding Prep

***written on the flight to Cali for the wedding*** Hey Everyone! Life has been going 300 mph and I have been holding on trying to enjoy the wild ride. Usually brides spend the weeks up to their wedding primping and tanning and facialing and getting their hair done. But that would be normal. As Erin... Continue Reading →

Some Green Things

***written while drinking a mimosa at the Charlotte Airport waiting for my flight*** Hey! It's been a few weeks! Work has been at a comfortable state of chaos...we keep just keep we are catching up on all the admin stuff that has gotten disorganized. I won't bore you with that...this not why you are... Continue Reading →

The Bachelorette

***written while on the stair climber because that seems to be the only time I have for social media because real life is so chaotic*** Hello! I hope this post finds you well. Life is chaos per usual...the pollen in SC is doing a number on my energy and ability to breathe...making sleeping and performing... Continue Reading →

East, West, and a Whole Lotta Stress

***written while drinking mimosas in the Charlotte airport*** Hello! My life is a whirlwind per usual. The blend of work (my job is crazy) with planning a wedding in Cali combined with Scott being gone is overwhelming at best most days. I feel like I am burning the candle at both ends most days...wishing I... Continue Reading →

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