All You Need Is Love

***written in bed in the Loews Hotel Vogue Montreal while Scott is watching Batman in French***


Why are we in Canada? Well, Scott and I booked our tickets to Rome for our honeymoon over a month ago and then this week, we found out Hurricane Florence was supposed to hit on Friday, the exact day we were supposed to leave. My boss let us escape early…so here we are in Montreal…waiting for our original itinerary to catch up. But more about that later.

Here’s what we’ve been doing.

M + S = Love

Steve wrote us two weeks ago that he was going to elope with his sweetheart Matt in DC. So of course, we use our Delta companion tickets to go out there for the occasion. We also fit in a little bit of househunting…because we are going to BE MOVING TO DC IN MAY! I got orders to the Pentagon, so city living for the next few years it is. We started in Alexandria with Joy. We should have arrived at 7pm, but of course, got delayed four hours and would have gotten there faster driving…but you know…free ticket. We stayed up late eating and drinking wine, then slept in late and walked around Alexandria, eventually ending up at a three hour brunch. The weather was terrible and rainy.

Next stop? Steve’s place in DC. Where we proceeded to eat pizza and drink for the next five hours with friends I haven’t seen in years, like Bryan with a y (for those who have been following for years…Vegas 2014).

The elopement was supposed to be on the Spanish Steps on Sunday. We got there in the pouring rain…and Steve changed the venue last minute….to Hawthorn’s on U street (where we were supposed to have the reception). It ended up being perfect. We made an impromptu aisle, mimosas in hand, and Steve and Matt walked in to their friend singing “At Last”…so beautifully I got chills.

Everyone in the audience ugly cried. Bryan with a Y did an amazing job officiating…they even had a little Jewish tradition where they broke a glass…it was from Trier where they had their first date. Sigh. So wonderful. It was intimate and heartfelt and full of rain. Steve even got surprised with a rainbow cake. It may have not been exactly how they thought it would be (we all looked like wet dogs)but it was perfect for them. So much love in the air for these two.

Afterwards, Scott and I did a little house-hunting in the DC area.

We loved Logan Circle, Shaw and Chinatown. More to follow on where we end up! So excited for city living.

Savannah with the Rents

My parents came down in the middle of August to see me before I head out on my 6 month middle eastern vacay. Of course, we headed to Savannah. My mom had wanted to eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant for at least ten years, so away we went.

We stayed at this adorable Air BNB.

We FINALLY went into the Mercer House to see all of Jim William’s treasures. If you have no read Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil…stop what you are doing and read it. You will want to travel to Savannah after and see all the magic.

We stopped in Bonadventure Cemetery…which was beautiful but I still prefer the cemeteries in New Orleans more.

We hit up Tybee Island. Yes. Hawaii has ruined me forever for what I think is a beautiful beach but this wasn’t bad.

Mom got her Paula Deen’s. It is still gross and Southern to me but at least she got to try it herself.

We even randomly stopped in this pretty church to escape the heat.

The rest of the trip was spent relaxing at home in our backyard. Before we knew it they were on their way home. Time flies too fast.

Saint Barb’s

Scott had his Field Artillery Ball. I had to get ready in the fitness center and try and calm down my red face from ugly crying at SMSgt Tinsley’s retirement thirty minutes before. She had an incredible career and although I am so happy for her, it was hard to see my friend leave. I suck at goodbyes.

So I calm my face for the Ball. And Scott and I end up looking pretty fantastic.

On A Boat

There was another death over Labor Day (and one right after)…so I worked right through the time off that I desperately needed. Anna dragged my ass out on Shelby’s boat to force me to have some fun. It helped with my stress level. I even stood up wakeboarding and wakesurfing (first time I tried. That’s what friends are for right?

Welp. Now you are caught up. I am taking a social media hiatus for the honeymoon and will post pictures and adventures when I get back. I am looking forward to the much needed break and time with Scott.

Everyone in SC stay safe!



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