4 Weekends & 4 States

***written on a rare lunch break, listening to Aretha Franklin (heaven sounds a little sweeter today)***


Life is the same crazy whirlwind pace. Being married to Scott is basically the coolest thing on the planet. So blessed to have an adventure/workout/be weird with buddy. I am so freaking happy.


Work is work. We will leave it at that. The pace at this base is crazy, but it certainly makes the time fly. All our deployers came back, so I spent a lot of time at the airport greeting them! But guess what?!? Less than a month until the honeymoon!!!

We had an adventure every weekend since I last wrote. If you are bored in the South, you are doing it wrong. All you need is a tank of gas, some caffeine/sugar, and someone to laugh with (and if that happens to just be yourself, that’s cool too).

#1: Savannah & Charleston

Scott’s parents came into town and we whirled off to Savannah (about 8 hrs after I came home from a course in Montgomery…my flight was canx and I drove because I didn’t feel like wasting a weekend).

We stayed at the cutest Air BNB…which is the best way to see Savannah. Why stay in a cookie cutter hotel when you can stay in a home built 200 years ago?

Things to Do:

-visit the squares and be in awe of all the oak trees covered in Spanish moss. Chippewa Square is where Forrest Gump sat on the bench. They had to remove the bench and put it in a museum because it kept getting stolen.

-go on a Ghost tour. Just not the same one we were on (Ghost City Tours). The lady was a terrible story teller. Get a good story teller and you will believe in ghosts. Get a shitty one and believe you should have just stayed in town drinking.

-Forsyth Park. The fountain is always so pretty and the old homes are breathtaking.

Do Not:

-eat at Vic’s on the River. Overpriced and the food made me sick. I revisited it later.

The next day we headed out to Charleston. Another Air BNB win. Favorite way to explore new places…even if you have been there several times.


-eat the best tacos at Minero (cauliflower and Al Pastor)

-eat the best coconut cake (we did it again)

-drinks and pupus at Husk. I have wanted to eat here FOREVER but they are ALWAYS full. What they don’t tell you is there is a back bar. Go there. Try all the drinks and leave so freaking happy.

-walk at Waterfront park and dance in the fountains

-eat more at SNOB. Get the shrimp and grits and blueberry lemonade. Roll yourself home and go to sleep so freaking happy.

It was so great showing Rick and Cheryl around the South to some of our favorite cities!

#2: Gatlinburg and Smokey Mtn NP

Scott, Megan, Anna, and I went camping in Smokey Mtn National Park. And it was awesome. The hiking….average and crowded but worth stopping by (Laurel Falls and Clingmans Dome).

The camping was amazing and was Anna’s first time. If you haven’t made campfire breakfast burritos to cure your camping hangover the next day…you are missing out.

The journey to get the the camping…was weird….Megan had the biggest car and her AC blew out about an hr in. We had a slow sweaty four more hours in the car. We spent the night in Gatlinburg. I was expecting a sleepy mtn town, not the Las Vegas of the Smokies. We drank way too much moonshine and people watched after eating some terrible Mexican food (at No Way Joses). Oh. And did some touristy stuff.

#3: Charleston and USS Yorktown

JZ was pinning on Major on the USS Yorktown and there was no way in hell I was going to miss it. Even if I rolled my ankle the day prior and was screaming in the street at 0500 and Scott had to carry me and I needed crutches to get around for a day.

It was pouring rain all day and the weather broke just in time to watch the badass pin on on the badass ship. The cankle let me last for a few hours at the party and it was time for home. Oh yeah. And we ate at Minero. AGAIN.

#4: Atlanta (and Taylor Swift)

Megan and I took a girls weekend to act like 12 year olds. We saw the Taylor Swift concert. Red lips were 100% necessary.

As was the prosecco on tap at the bar ahead of time. Her concert was amazing. We got light up bracelets that lit up with the music and even though we were in the boonies, I felt like I was right on stage with her.

I cried twice it was so beautiful and moving. Tay Tay crushed it.

The next day we hung out with Abbie (cousin) and did all of Atlanta. Here’s what you gotta do.


Swan Coach House (President Snow’s from Hunger Games). Arrive early. Walk around the grounds when it is empty. Have your own photoshoot and take in the beauty.

Georgia Aquarium. Biggest tank in America and is a no profit trying to take care of the oceans. BTW they have whale sharks and belugas (one we walked for 20 min playing with a towel that fell into the pool….he would swim with it on his head, let it fall, put it on his fin, let it fall, put it on his tail. I swear he was smiling).

-See the Rainbow Crosswalk in Midtown and get the best frozen marg I have ever had at Zocalo where you will then get tequila shots from new friends and then you will think it is a good idea to…

-….go roller blading in Piedmont Park. Do not forget to get wrist guards. And maybe all the pads and a helmet. Because you will shoot out into the street and fall on your ass at full speed. Odds are high you won’t hurt yourself because your butt has so much padding.

Megan tried to help us but we were terrible. But didn’t end up in the ER so that’s a win.

-check out the Olympic park. The 1996 Olympics will always hold a special place in my heart.

Do Not:

-go through the Civil Right Museum after free drinks from the transgender rights party you stumbled into.

After the sit in experience…you will lose control of your emotions and ugly cry so bad a curator will give you a hug.

-do cartwheels in the Coca Cola park. You will forget your favorite pair of sunglasses and be mad at yourself for hours on the way home.

I hope you all are well!!! And that you found a kickass adventure or four to go on. Life is too short to waste it on the couch.

Cheers and talk to you soon!


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