Amanda and Scott Tie the Knot


****written from my hotel room in Montgomery, AL, pieces at the airport while waiting for my flight (delayed then canx, and finally at home****


Here it is family & friends. The post you have waited over two months for. A lot of it will be pictures. Ciara Rose (seriously, if you are in Cali and want an adventurous wedding, use her. She is amazing). She did such a good job capturing the day I should let the pictures do the talking. Don’t want to read the details? Click here to watch our wedding video.

So we flew out the next day after We draped the flags of the transfer cases for the 9 fallen aircrew. I will be honest I was so stressed out from the entire ordeal and when I went to get my pedicure and manicure and they made me bleed (like dime size cut on my foot)…when Scott and I went to get poke for dinner I burst out into tears. I was a mess but Scott got me through it. I even had dreams we were in the line searching through a crash in our Air BNB one night. Thank God I was surrounded by people who loved me after that.

We got to Clovis and hit the ground running. Cheryl had been collecting items for us for months and her house was full of wine barrels and doors and wagon wheels and lights. It is all a blur. But I remember Scott building a wagon wheel chandelier and his brother wiring some crystal chandeliers. We bought 96 bottles of prosecco. A ton of beer and wine.

Next day people started coming in and we checked into the Air BNB and got to work. We had to build everything ourselves.

Thursday the girls and I got to check out Glacier Point to make sure that is where I wanted to do my first look and finally see the ceremony site. It was as perfect as I hoped it would be. We even got to sneak in a little hike for decompression. Scott, being amazing, kept building and let me have my time.

Friday was all bridesmaids on deck…and their plus ones. The tent was supposed to go up first thing. Except it didn’t because they wouldn’t build it close to the pool. So they drove the 1:15 back to town to get a smaller tent. They came back missing half the pieces. When they finally got all the right sized pieces into place…they weren’t able to lift the tent. It took all of the bridesmaids, plus ones and Olivia and Chrises that we had to lift up the tent and get it going. It was 8pm and nothing had been set up yet (plates, tables, EVERYTHING). Ladies finished setting up around 11 because we needed to wake up early for hair. Guys went to bed later than that….and we still weren’t done.

Wedding Day: 05.12.2018

We woke up at 0345. Why so early? The first look at Glacier Point. I didn’t need to get my hair and make up done…so it was super easy getting ready. We began the drive up to the point. It takes about 2 hrs (super windy road). It was freezing at the top. Like below 32 degrees cold…not Amanda is exaggerating to make a good story cold. Thankfully the plaid shirts I got the girls the get ready in matched the dresses and double as a coat. I got dressed in the parking lot.


We flower crowned up, popped some champagne, and the girls ran off to set up Scott. Coming up to Scott on the first look almost got me teared up. There he was on the edge of these rocks in a suit waiting for me.


I walked over and put my hand on his shoulder.


We hung out there for a quick second then he turned around and saw me.


He teared up a little which melted my heart on the spot and I gave him a huge kiss.


We got some kick ass pictures up there…even climbed onto the edge of a cliff (Gil had to tell someone about to block our picture to get out of our shot). Then we drove to the ceremony at Lower Yosemite Falls.



We were late. It took forever to find parking and then we had to wait for the bus. Although the bus made it kinda cool as the bus driver sang to us on the way there. We got to the area and Steve met us. He calmed down my stress, got me to the bathroom and got everyone lined up. Next thing I knew we started. Jeff learned to play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” when I walked in right before the ceremony and it was perfect. My parents both walked me in. I only cried a little.


The vows and the setting were too powerful not to. Then that was that. I got to say hi to everyone. We got some family pics. We went to the meadow to get some final pictures. Some stranger yelled at us to stop killing the environment and “get off the meadow you hoes”. People are awesome.


We rushed back to the Air BNB. I took off my dress and we kept going (Gil had gone back after the ceremony with a small contingent and they started stringing lights). I only lost my cool one time when the bus company called me and told me they couldn’t do what I asked. Then the manager called and started screaming at me. Asshats. The first bus arrived and we were finishing the final touches. Dress back on then boom. Reception.


It was perfect. Everything we wanted. A huge party with friends with amazing music and endless alcohol.* Lizz nailed the maid of honor toast. Dad had the whole crowd cheering. The first dance was pure magic. Father daughter dance was perfect. Mother son dance made it through without tears. We drank all the prosecco. We had so much fun.


I couldn’t have done it without my bridal party, the plus ones, family, and Olivia and Chris. They made our dream wedding happen and I couldn’t have felt more loved if I tried ❤️.

Best part of the day? Getting to call my person my husband.


We just finished writing thank you cards and are overwhelmed by everyone who came so far to share our day and for all the love they sent after. Thank you will never be enough. So grateful we have such wonderful memories to start our marriage off with. It wasn’t easy, but nothing I do is ever straight forward and typical. It’s all in the adventure.



*there are several wedding stories that will not be written about but will never be forgotten. Those stories are best told over drinks.

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