Nothin’ Finer Than Bein’ in Carolina

***written at my kitchen table, double fisting sparkle waters….black cherry and apricot for those who want to be specific***

Hello My Friends.

Thank you to those who keep reading my updates that basically happen once a month and give a small glimpse into the chaos that is my life.  I appreciate your support reading my adventure diary.  I would right more, and probably will once I take my middle eastern holiday this fall/winter/spring.  But for now, once a month is all I got.  If it’s not more mortuary stuff (finished up #14), it’s work, or changing out our Air BNB stuff (did I mention we do that?) because strangely people like to sleep on clean sheets, or meal prepping or gyming, or being around my HUSBAND (yep, still weird to say and gives me all the butterflies).  I also owe you a wedding post.  Hopefully this month.  I have to go to Alabama…so….probably then.  I am still writing thank you notes for gifts…soooo again, thank you for bearing with me. So here’s one cool pic.

Enough of excuses.  Let’s get to why you are really here.  Cool shit I’ve done to pass the time when I am not working.

Work Work Work Work Work

I got to go to the Trap and Skeet Range for Commander’s Call (we own that).  It reminds me that I have a really cool job and totally unique squadron.

We also put on the Freedom Bash this past weekend.  Thompson Square and Easton Corbin came to perform and let’s be real, the FSS through a big ass party.  I was so impressed.  We had rides for the kids and food trucks and a HUGE fireworks show (even set off the biggest firework in the state!).  Tax dollars at work right?  NOPE!  My squadron is part business so anytime someone buys a coffee in the coffee shop or a round of golf, that money goes right back to them instead of someones pocket.  Basically our customers threw themselves a huge party!

Col Lasica left us for bigger and better things (i.e. to become a one star in Italy) and I got to see my first finiflight in the AF.  Basically he got pulled down from the plane and sprayed.  He (being a badass) fought off a bunch of Lts.  He is going to do amazing things for the AF.  The new boss is settling in.  Change of Command season is upon us, so it is busier than usual on the base as people leave and new people settle in.

I got to have lunch/breakfast with the S&R team I recovered the plane with in Savannah. In case you are wondering, everyone is doing well, even though it was a very difficult experience.

Congaree Magic

Every June, something magical happens in Columbia, SC.  So magical, they named the baseball team after the fireflies.  The fireflies all gather in Congaree park (who knows why) and sync up (think firefly rave).  We went to check it out one night.  We were worried it wasn’t going to be as cool as we hoped.  We walked on a firefly path lit with red lights and it was less than spectacular.  Then, we last min decided to walk on the boardwalk.  Then it was like we were launched into outer space and surrounded by stars.  It is one of the coolest natural phenomenon I have ever experienced and am so sad I don’t know how to share it with you, other than you NEED to put this on your bucket list.  It is that surreal and amazing.  Trust me.

Randomness with Friends

Zoe turned Anna into a baseball card that was handed out at the Fireflies game and we did beer yoga.

Both things are incredible and humorous in their own right.  It was also Megan’s bday and Scott and I successfully hosted our first big party as a couple and made mimosas, burrata bruschetta, make your own yogurt parfait bowls and breakfast bowls (goodness on a salad).  We rock.

Calvin and Laura Glass were both in town and we had way too much tequila and mexican food.  Below is the only proof.  One of the best parts of the military is when random friends pop into town and you catch up like time hasn’t gone by (seriously….have known Calvin for 14 years and have seen him twice in one year bc of Laura after not seeing him for ten).

Botany Bay

I was told Botany Bay is one of the coolest places in SC to see.  My source did not lie to me.  Alannah, Scott, and I drove about an hour south of Charleston to see this magical place.  Before you go, check the tide, because apparently if you go at whatever magical time high tide is, the beach you came to see will be underwater.  And you will go to Charleston and eat the most amazing tacos in the South at Minero and get tipsy on their margaritas then decide eating the amore bars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had at their wedding sounds tasty and then walk a mile in the heat and get drenched in sweat and decided seeing the college of Charleston is not worth the feeling of death.  Then you will return to the beach and get blown away…and while you had some amazing adventures, kind of wish you didn’t waste two hours driving.

The beach is amazing though.  A totally unique landscape worth seeing.  There are basically tree bones fallen all over miles of beach and MASSIVE sea shells everywhere.  It is kind of a haunting experience.  Pictures will do it more justice.


I brought Scott to Greenville with the promise that it was awesome.  We checked out Twin Falls outside of town.  It was basically in the middle of nowhere.  How far in the middle of nowhere?  Passed a confederate flag middle of nowhere.  Short hike and BOOM.  Massive waterfalls.  Twins to be exact (so clever with naming these things). It was gorgeous.  We were able to scramble up the slippery rocks (we ate shit a few times) to get a cooler shot.  Worth it.

Twin Falls, Greenville, SCTwin Falls, Greenville, SC

We spent the rest of the afternoon in Greenville.  We got some of the best Italian food I’ve had a Jiana’s (great view of Reedy Park) and then stuffed out faces with ice cream from spill the beans (think grown up blizzard…tastes way better and even looks prettier somehow…made with a massive drill).  Greenville has yet to disappoint.

Runs on Sundays

Usually?  I will not wake up early on a Sunday.  Unless there are mountains involved.  Then I make all exceptions.  Or when my neighbor puts on a #Sportsbrasquad race to promote healthy body image for women and you must go out and support her (Anna and Lindsay came too).

Curves and Combat Boots

I got picked out of 2000 beautiful women to be a Curves and Combat Boots Brand Ambassador.  I am so honored to be a part of the team that combines beauty and strength.  More to follow….as you will be hearing about them a lot now!

Welp. That’s all for now. I hope everyone has a magical 4th of July.  It is so nice to have a break in the middle of the week!

Cheers, A

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