The Great Escape

***written while curled up in bed drinking a watermelon sparkle water***


I hope this finds everyone well. If you are looking for the wedding blog, you will have to wait. I am waiting for my pictures so I can show you how awesome it was. I didn’t have my phone in me except for the vans (good thing I paid someone to capture the memories for me!).

This one…all about my last min escape to DC. Scott was heading out to a music festival with the boys and my plans temporarily fell through. In a panic that I might waste a four day weekend, I thought of all the solo adventures I could take myself on….but then one upped myself. I owed Steve a visit. One text, what are you doing this weekend, with the response of nothing…next thing I knew I was buying a ticket to DC and letting Steve plan everything out. Well not next thing, I had a mortuary case to work (#11 not including S&R in Savannah)…but after that I was on a plane (well actually no that was delayed four hours)….to DC and Steve!


We caught up over scotch and then crashed…we had adventures to rest up for. That morning, he showed me exactly how awesome living in DC was…meaning we walked five seconds and he took me to a coffee shop that blew my mind…so much so I ordered two drinks and two meals (sorry not sorry). Then we were off to Shenandoah National Park. Weather was perfect. We checked into the lodge and were off to the Appalachian Trail and some killer views I found in an IG search.

We climbed to Mary’s Rock the back way and soaked in the glory of our accomplishment of finding something off the beaten path.

We met Angie at the top…she was the only one up there and we scared the shit out of her as we interrupted her zen. Why do I remember Angie’s name? Because even though we through off her zen grove when we missed our off beat path turn she let us hitch a ride in her car ten miles back to ours. Totally worth it and we got so lucky. We tried to catch a sunset at Little Stony Man….but the clouds blocked perfectly and this is the best colors we saw.

The evening included a big ass piece of blackberry ice cream pie and wine on the porch.

We slept in, missed breakfast, choked down a sandwich and headed out to the next instagrammed adventure…Dark Hollow Falls. Easy enough to find and a potential for a six mile loop. The first waterfall was so gorgeous we wanted to keep that wilderness high going and search for the other one.

I would also be remiss if I failed to tell you I fell in the waterfall and looked like I pooped my pants and made Steve laugh so hard that he could barely take the picture.

Little did we know this would involve climbed 136 floors and apparently taking the long way on the loop. Which we didn’t believe was a loop because it was never ending and we passed people at the end we had seen before who said things like “whoa doing a double loop? You are hard core!”

As we gave them blank stares as to how they beat us and where they were coming from (still a mystery). To add to the confusion, it started raining. Since I am typing this, you obviously know I made it to the car. But for a while there it was questionable as if we would have to become feral. Back to DC we went. But not before stopping at a burger place in the middle of nowhere and laughing hysterically when the bison burger I ordered only came as a meat patty between two buns and the owner laughed at me hysterically because obviously I didn’t ask for the toppings so what did I expect (he received a blank stare in return as loaded up my burger chuckling to himself).


We made it back with all our pieces, got the world’s best shower then headed out to Thai at Rice (absolutely recommend). Then to a gay bar to dance our little hearts out. Then to gelato because we liked ice cream the most (definitely more than the crowds forming).

Sunday was the day I had been waiting for. Brunch day. We ate at The Commissary. Wait. After going to the DuPont Farmer’s market and Steve waited patiently (mostly bribed with AC) as I got my hair blown out (hoping to defy the humidity…the curls fell out but at least it was straight). Back to The Commissary. We sat right down at the bar, watched Casper, ate mind blowing food and mimosas. Goal #1 for the day complete. We then rented bikes to go to the National Mall. I successfully avoided getting hit by a car. We got to see Rolling Thunder roar through on their parade of the city and Steve and I became overwhelmed with the roaring show of patriotism. I waved and yelled thank you for five min straight.

…whereas other tourists contemplated about how to cross the street without getting run over and had no idea what this meant….

Goal #2 for the day: see the USAA pop up poppy memorial tat had a poppy for every service member killed in defense of our freedom since WWI = complete.

Bonus: Steve and me crying it out and apparently blocking a couple from exiting for 20 seconds as we hugged it out.


That night we went to my first Michelin restaurant. One star, Italian, Fiola. We dressed up and looked damn good.

In turn, we ate for three hours straight…9 courses later we could barely move. 99% sure I am still full. But what an experience. The food blew my mind. The wine was exceptional. The service impeccable. I will let the pictures I snuck in do the talking.

Next thing I knew I was back on the plane. I got another mortuary case (#12) and hot the ground running as soon as I landed in COLA. No rest.

Cheers to the adventures this week may bring! -A

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