Some Green Things

***written while drinking a mimosa at the Charlotte Airport waiting for my flight***


It’s been a few weeks! Work has been at a comfortable state of chaos…we keep just keep swimming…so we are catching up on all the admin stuff that has gotten disorganized. I won’t bore you with that…this not why you are reading. So here are the latest adventures!

St. Patrick’s Day🍀

Paddy’s Day is huge in Columbia. Don’t ask me why…but it ends up being one of the largest festivals in the state. It started off with a 10K that Anna had peer pressured me into running with her (and bu peer pressured I mean asked and I said yes because I have the world’s strongest case of FOMO). I thought it was going to be a light jog…burn off some calories before the beer. Nope. Anna ran. Therefore I too ran. Hard. Ran under 53 min hard. 4th in my race group. Completely bundled up in my Irish garb. Now I know Anna doesn’t mess around with races.

St Patricks Five Points

The party started that afternoon. I went home and changed into more stuff that says I like to party on Paddy’s Day (because I am 100% not Irish). The players: Anna, Megan, Zoe, Cammie, Connor, and a bunch more pilots whose callsigns and names I do not remember.

Five Points St Patricks

Our friend Zoe sucked it up on crutches (brave girl…even up a hill at the end) and we had our share of beer before watching Judah and the Lion perform.

Five Points St Patricks

The festival shut down early which was a good thing. Because people started losing their minds in Five Points. We ate Jimmy Johns at Connor’s and I walked home. Had we stayed out until 0200, we would have been at risk for getting shot in the ass like another Airman from Shaw does. People suck. Whatever happened to punching people in the face if you were mad?

Five Points St Patricks


My new goal is to hike to the highest point of every state I live in. In SC, it happens to be Sassafras Mountain outside of Greenville. So I grabbed Alannah and we headed north west towards adventure.

Hulu girl South Carolina

It’s not super high there…only 3,563′. Plus, you drive to the top. Feels a little like chesting, but I did not design this “hike”.

Sasafrass Mountain

We made friends at the top and they gave us snacks for the road…meat, cheese, crackers, and veggies. Win! We enjoyed the view and tried to find one hike…but end up on the Palmetto trail instead. So after a few miles we turned around and headed out to explore Greenville. Walking through the woods is not fun to me. I need a payoff and didn’t feel like wasting time to not get on. I need to be back in the West.

Palmetto trail

Greenville is amazing. It is so clean and modern. They built a huge park around a waterfall in the middle of town (Falls Park on the Reedy).


It is stunning. Plus anytime you can get healthy food fast…you have my heart (Happy + Hale). We also got to see the Medusa Tree.

Medusa tree

Nature is amazing. We didn’t get a picture at first though. There was a couple getting a photo first, then they stopped to pray. For ten min. Blocking the tree. Instead of being rude, I kept all my comments in my head and walked away (this was difficult).


Readiness PT

I put on another Readiness PT session. This time we got 20 lb sandbags and went for a ruck for 1.5 miles. Half of my Airmen didn’t know what a ruck was (that is what the Army and Marines are for) but I certainly taught them and pushed them to be better.

Ruck yeah


Manchester is a game mostly played at my undergrad USAFA and carried into the AF by grads. If you say something joking, like oh man I was going to wear my ballgown tonight, and your friend says Manchester, you have to do it or you get slapped in the face. If you do it, you get to slap the person who Manchestered you. Long story short, I wore a ballgown to a Korean restaurant on a Wednesday and I owe Zoe a slap when she is no longer a cripple.



Speaking of crippled people, I managed to jack up my back on Sunday DOING NOTHING. Apparently…this is 32. But it forced me to take a week of and realize I better start doing yoga everyday. A few trip to the chiropractor and urgent care and I am almost as good as new.

Side note: March was actually Mustache March in the military. I tried really hard to grow facial hair but couldn’t. This did not stop us from crashing the pic at the end of the month for the best mustache.

Mustache march

Other side note:

Drew Richardson retired from the AF after 20 years of kickass service (taught me at USAFA). On his drive to DC he came through and said hi. Love pop ins like this.

Other other side note: working on finding some balance. Here is a tiny attempt.


I hope this blog finds you well. I am off to Omaha for Bekah and Pete’s wedding (this is especially awesome because I introduced them).

Well that is all for now. Adventure on my friends 🥂.

Cheers, A

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  1. The Medusa tree is the most amazing tree I’ve seen! I love the name they gave it. I always love your spirit, Amanda! It comes through in your posts and Instagram.


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