The Bachelorette

***written while on the stair climber because that seems to be the only time I have for social media because real life is so chaotic***


I hope this post finds you well. Life is chaos per usual…the pollen in SC is doing a number on my energy and ability to breathe…making sleeping and performing my best at work a struggle, but I am plowing through per usual. But enough about normal life, let’s talk for a minute about my alternate reality that I lived in for the long weekend that was my Bachelorette Party.

Bachelorette at Top Golf

Lizz (my sweet sister and maid of honor) had been planning this for months (with the assistance of Loren). She told me she called in every favor she had in Vegas to make it amazing (for those catching up, she lives and works in Vegas). I, for the first time, flew out of the Charlotte airport, for my first direct flight to anywhere in a year. The Columbia Metro airport is fine enough, but saving $600 and not having to change planes was completely worth the 1.5 hrs driving. I land in Vegas, to discover that Lizz has been suffering from food poisoning for a few days!!!! SERIOUSLY WHAT ARE THE ODDS?!? So she was going to spend Thursday trying to keep food down while Marie, Chelsea and I enjoyed Vegas.

Pictures are going to be better than words in this case…so here are lots of pics with a few words. Now of course I cannot tell you everything, but buy me a beer and we will talk story sometime.

**Known favors through Lizz will be labeled with numbers**

**necklaces from 6th borough boutique, love them!!!**

6th Borough Boutique

The players in the game for the weekend. Lizz (sister duh). Chelsea (roomie from HI now in Montana). Tenille (friend from Turkey). Sarah (deployed with to Iraq now in Vegas). Loren (hiking buddy from HI and now in Vegas). Marie (friend from first base in TX and here from WA).


#1: Lizz got us the Penthouse at the Mirage. Amazeballs. How do people live like this?!?

The Penthouse at the Mirage

We went shopping (because all I do is online in Columbia because all my favorite stores are in Charlotte).

We got went an ate sushi at Morimoto’s because I am severely deprived of good Asian food.

Morimoto’s Las Vegas

#2: we got tickets to a pop up Cabaret show called Dizzy with a Dame. Needless to say, it made me wish I could high kick and wear fringe more often.

We went to TAO night club because I had always want to go.

SLS Dizzy with a Dame

It was awful. We couldn’t dance because people were walking through the tiny dance floor constantly and the music was awful. We stayed an hour. Only win was the coatcheck guy took pity on Chelsea taking off her shoes and gave us flip flops for free.

Win for the evening? Marie ordering all the late night food we could possibly order for a snack.


#3: Pool party at the Marquee with our own lounge chairs poolside and 2 Veuve and berries pitchers. So good I needed a nap preparty. Below is Marie with a smug look on her face because somehow she tricked me and Chels into drinking both pitchers without us knowing.

Marquee day club

Marquee day club

#4: dinner at Sake Rok. This is my new favorite dining experience on the strip. The waiters are also performers. You will enjoy mind blowing food and awesome entertainment. Go. Now. Lizz (who was barely able to join us) had a snapchat filter set up for me. Below is them showing me.

6th Borough Boutique

We had a custom menu for our party (with some of the best sushi I have had to DATE) and open bar. Sake bombs until you couldn’t handle them anymore.

Giant bottle of Veuve from Joy.

It was wonderful.

Sake Rok

#5: Table at Hyde. The best table. With champagne awesome music and dancing. We even got to go to the DJ booth to dance.

Bachelorette at Hyde

Bachelorette at Hyde

2am pizza in the cosmo. Free. Because their credit card machine wasn’t working. Totally made up for the long line and the vomit we accidentally stepped in in the elevator.


Time to recover. Relax. And get ready for…

#6: pool party at Encore Beach Club with DJ Snake playing. We had our own bungalow. It was awesome.

Evening was spent chilling at Top Golf after dinner at Momofuku.

Top Golf

Thank God. My body can only handle so much.

Next thing I knew I was back on the plane to Charlotte and cursing the long drive home in the dark and rain (but still totally worth it).

I can never to Vegas the same. Thank you will never express how much fun I had. Thank you friends. But most importantly, thank you sister for the incredible memories and experience of a lifetime. Can’t wait to see you in May. I love you.

Cheers everyone, A

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  1. Allergies are starting to affect us here in NYC too, and it’s still cold. Las Vegas is always fun but an escape from the cold is what I need most. I know, soon….


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