East, West, and a Whole Lotta Stress

***written while drinking mimosas in the Charlotte airport***


My life is a whirlwind per usual. The blend of work (my job is crazy) with planning a wedding in Cali combined with Scott being gone is overwhelming at best most days. I feel like I am burning the candle at both ends most days…wishing I could just relax and let my body recover. But I can’t. I wake up at 0445 for the gym 5 days a week and pack my weekend with adventures. Someone needs to come slip me a chill pill so I can catch up on sleep. Lucky for me, I get to take a breather and go to Vegas for my Bachelorette party.

Here’s what’s been going on:

Wedding Planning

I actually got to go out to Cali to wedding plan and check out the venue (since our other one fell through), try the food, see the ceremony site, etc. My advice? Try to avoid planning a wedding across the country at all costs. It is going to be amazing, but coupled with my job, I often want to curl up under my desk in the fetal position. But I don’t. The wedding is going to be more adventure than traditional wedding…true to my style…but until then, I am going to remain stressed out. Thank you to all who field my phone calls and calm me down (this includes a whole lot of Mom and Dad).

Lucky for me, the wedding is going to be held in one of the most beautiful places in the world. See below ❤️. My mom also came out to help.

Scott’s mom (the only person on the ground) planned out the whole weekend. We got to sneak in some wine tasting too, which is always fun. Next thing I knew, I was home.

Yosemite views

Yosemite falls

Yosemite falls

Recommendation? Do not go to Yosemite on a holiday weekend. It took two hours to just get to the gate. Enjoy it any other day of the year.

I got the rare opportunity to meet up with some of the Wilderness Badass crew. If you weren’t tracking, I am an ambassador for them and a year ago, they started me on this crazy social media adventure…which has been a blast. Plus, I get to meet some of the coolest, most adventurous people I have ever met.

Wilderness badass

Carolina Adventures

I made new friends! And they are awesome. They sign me up for fun things like onesie pub crawls, see the Vagina Monologues (all true stories and money goes towards charities that help female victims of sexual violence…how cool is that?!?) and painting/drinking outings. Sometimes we drink too much…but damn do we laugh a lot.

Onesie pub crawl

Vagina monologuesPaint and sip at studio cellar

SOLO Adventure

Along with the Wilderness Badass crew, I got to meet some incredible women on the page She Only Lives Once (SOLO). It inspires women to get out and see the world, even if it is alone. Inspired, I went on my own SOLO hike to check out the Palmetto Trail. It cuts across South Carolina and you can hike it at any given point (just google what is near you). I saw a portion with a really cool bridge and it was only 30 min from my house, so I thought, why not hike it at sunrise and practice my solo photography? By the way, Canada has ruined my gage for what is cold. Not 6 degrees out? No need for double leggings (guess who hikes 3 miles with numb toes?!?).

The bridge was gorgeous. The sunrise was centering. I was exhausted but regret nothing.

Palmetto trailPalmetto trailPalmetto trail

Work Stuff

My Airmen are not in the field all the time nor are they outside on a daily basis. But often they are called to pull details way outside of their wheel house when they deploy…I want them to be prepared for the next fight and push them out of their comfort zones. Practicing putting a tourniquet on a dummy is way harder when the person is writhing in pain. So once a month I get to run Readiness PT. The Airmen wear their ABUs and get a little sweaty in them. Then we test them. This week was care under fire…if you do not have your first aid kit on you. They learned how to think under pressure (so much screaming) and use what they had as first aid methods (think belt as a tourniquet) and work on buddy carries. They did great.

Self aid buddy careSelf aid buddy care

Friends Who Randomly Stop In

Best part of the military? Random friends that pass through.

Grant had a last min drill weekend at Fort Jackson, so we got Thai food and I got to hear two hours of Grant rants. You have to hear them to understand, just know they are amazing.

Jess drove through town and she crashed at my house on the way through. We have been friends for over 10 years now. From USAFA to HI to Afghanistan…we have laughed and cried and ate so much food together. How lucky am I that I have people like this in my life?

Phew. And you wonder why I feel overwhelmed all the time?!? But that’s life right? We got this.

Cheers loves,


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