Finding Time + Unique Women’s Watch

***written on my off day, trying to readjust to working days again…snuggled up on my bed with a cup of tea***


This is a multipurpose post. 1) I promised to tell you why everything has been so nutters 2) I got to partner up with JORD watches and they want to give one of my lucky readers  (that’s you!!!!) $100 to go towards one of their gorgeous watches.  So grab some coffee, beer, wine, whiskey…get comfortable…and let’s dive right in.

JORD wooden watch the frankie zebrawood and navy

Time is Fleeting

There is never enough time to get everything done I want to get done.  I haven’t been able to go one on adventure since I got back from Canada.  Life has been too crazy and I am exhausted.  Work is pure madness (working 12 hrs on nightshift is exhausting and putting out metaphorical fires all day/night is exhausting…I have yet to have a normal day at work all year).  Wedding planning has been a bit of a disaster (the backyard we were going to use for the reception…well it fell through last week.  The man is getting evicted.  I will not get deeper into the drama…let’s just say it’s unnecessary bullshit and people suck.  Everything was basically booked 90 days out so we had to get creative.  Two places we were talking to backed out a few days into negotiations…one because they had a Mother’s Day brunch the next day and the next because they had a “taco party” they forgot about….because tacos and wine have always been a killer combination…whatever.  We found a stunning place in the mountains…just is costing more than anticipated…which is always stressful).  I have mostly been holding on to this crazy train and trying to survive.  Last night, Scott and I both realized how much fun we are not having.  Planning this wedding has turned to suckage.  We are trying to step back and enjoy the journey….put things into perspective….this is about celebrating our love with our closest family and friends.  Before we know it, it will be done and over with…all we will remember is how we felt.  Trying to turn it around from the feelings of stress and misery right now. Ok.  Someone call me the wahbulance.  I am done complaining.

Giving Back to You

JORD wooden watch the frankie zebrawood and navy

Part of me trying to enjoy this crazy journey I am on is doing something that makes me happy.  If you know me personally, you know that gift giving is one of my love languages (oh man we are getting deep here) and doing so makes me happy.  So, thanks to JORD watches, one of you gets to get $100 towards a JORD watch…so while I can’t buy myself more time, I can at least give you something to keep track of it (see what I did there?).  I am not a fashion blogger…so bear with me.  All I give you is the Amanda spiel on what I think of the watch.  If you want something more professional….maybe check out Vogue?

Wait.  Never heard of JORD? Let me change that.

JORD wooden watch the frankie zebrawood and navy

JORD has stunning wood watches for men and women.  They are lightweight, minimalist details and exude overall awesomeness.  I love large faced watches; this is the third one I have.  For some reason, I am not a huge fan of dainty watches….so this company is perfect for me. The one I have is from the Frankie Collection: Zebrawood + Navy.

JORD wooden watch the frankie zebrawood and navy

I put it on and immediately fell in love.  I would say it’s the perfect accessory for Spring, but honestly I am going to rock this baby all year long because it’s amazing…so I will just call it a kick ass watch for 365 days a year.

JORD wooden watch the frankie zebrawood and navy

Now for the giveaway part.  Go to Fill out your info and that’s it.  If you follow them on IG @JORDwatches, it will give you an additional entry.  The contest ends 11 March at 23:59….so enter before then.  Lucky winner will get $100 towards a JORD watch and the rest of you will get a 10% code…so we can all win a little something.  If you have any questions, let me know!  Good luck!

Thank you all so much for the love and support.  Together, we will make it through this crazy thing we call life.  If you have ANY ideas how I can better enjoy the madness right now, I would love to hear them.  Trying to not let the chaos get me down. Trying to remember to take time to smell the roses (ahhhhh I did it again).

JORD wooden watch the frankie zebrawood and navy



Wooden Wrist Watch

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