Kings Creek Falls

Location: Long Creek, South Carolina (Sumter National Forest, Oconee District)

Distance: 1/2 mile to falls

Difficulty: Easy

Pet friendly: Yes. You could even bring a cat on this one.

Pay off: HUGE

Cassie and Stephen drove up from Atlanta and meet me in the Sumter Forest for this hike. If you are meeting people there, make sure you have a place to meet beforehand and drive to location together. You won’t have any cell service. I followed the search on google….which brought me to a dirt road with no waterfall (the right dirt road but I didn’t know this at the time). So I panicked for a hot second, drove up and down the road, found a campground (Burrell’s Ford campground) with a map to the falls and drove back up the road to find Cassie and Stephen. I found them and we parked at the campground parking lot.

We were super pumped when we saw how many waterfalls were on this trail.

The trail to Kings Creek is obvious and there’s even a sign pointing to where you cut through wood woods off the trail. Pay off is huge.

We took some pictures and hiked on to see the other waterfalls.

We walked on to find the other waterfalls without any research or knowing how far away they were…assuming the map was to scale.

It’s not. We walked in a circle few times trying to figure out where the trail continued (cut through a campground)…went back and took a pic of the map then tried twice more before finally making it.

Apparently holly berries are prevalent in the south. This was really exciting for me 🎄

We walked along the river for a little over a mile before turning around at a clearing…

.no waterfalls in sight and Cassie and Stephen needed to get back to a Christmas party.

you finish the hike and find the other falls, let me know how awesome they are!!!

Adventure on my friends.

Cheers, A

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