Dabbling in Princess

***written in bed…fighting the need to sleep…but the need to catch up with you is greater…wish me luck***

Hey!  It’s been a while since we talked.  If you’ve been reading my adventures for a while, you know this isn’t surprising behavior.  I get so busy that I forget to pause and reflect and next thing I know it’s been 3 weeks.

So.  What has been keeping me so busy?


We had a huge exercise for work.  It took a ton of planning and a lot of logistics.  We even had people stay overnight in the field (Marines and Army are laughing at this because it’s so common…for the AF?  Not so much…this was a BIG DEAL).  So It took up most of my time.  I didn’t even get to stay in the field and play war games because I had to go back to base and get less fun work done.  UGH.  Luckily, I was able to play OPFOR for a little bit and “attack” our guys so they could practice their drills.  In other words, I got to run through the woods firing blanks for a few hours.

My birthday was great at work.  My troops decorated my office in a Frozen theme and surprised me with a cake.  It was great.  That night, I pouted on my couch missing Scott and upset that it was snowing in GA and my birthday adventure would have to be postponed.  All in all, still not a bad bday.

I’ve been described as a juxtaposition.  What I am about to tell you is proof.  There is a business side to my job where we run the golf course, Club, bowling alley, etc on base.  All the money we make gets recycled back to the populous through big events we put on during the year.  This year was Frosty Fest, Ms. Stevens’ brainchild.  A German market with a giant kids playland, ice skating and a sledding hill.  It all came to fruition and was an awesome event.  Where do I fit in?  For two hours, my Lt and I walked around as Anna and Elsa from Frozen.  One of our troops dressed up as Olaf.  It was the weirdest experience.  Kids were hopping to me with full fits of joy.  They all ran up and hugged me.  Some were terrified of Olaf.  Some parents handed me infants to take pictures with.  Some kids were in absolute shock I was speaking to them and FREAKED out with joy when I called them princess.  Two hours flew by.  Next thing I knew I was shivering and starving and it was time to go home.  Best news?  Olaf didn’t face plant up or down the stairs (there were so close calls).  When I went to Target later, it felt a little strange that kids weren’t running up to me in excitement.  DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?


We had our office Christmas party.  It turned out pretty good…people are so tired here they just want to go home…not go to an office function.  But there was a good turnout and I had fun. I am still waiting for my Die Hard Christmas party experience.  Until then, I will keep training.


My neighbor Tracy is awesome.  She made* me wake up the night after my Christmas party and go to her running club with her at 7AM!  Then, we ran a surprise 9 miles.  Which is good for me.  Usually, I would still be asleep and be lazy all day.  Nope.  Peer pressure made me put in work.  We then had mimosas at my house and watched Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  I just finished the book and am obsessed.  I cannot WAIT to get back to Savannah.  For those who haven’t read it…stop and do so…don’t worry I will wait….ok you’re back?  Good. It is amazing.  Best part?  It’s a true story with the most interesting characters and a history of Savannah in it (not boring I promise, there’s even a murder).

To continue with her trend of awesome, Tracy made* me procrastinate adulting and go to the holiday parade of homes with her through the historic district I live on the edge of.  I am so happy I did.  All these old homes were remodeled and are absolutely stunning.  There were done up nicely for the holidays and each stop had a local eatery sponsoring it so I got a shooter of shrimp and grits or some fried chicken or more importantly, wine.  We weren’t allowed to take pics (tried and failed on several occasions), but just know you should mark your calendar for next year.  There was even a mardi gras Christmas themed house of a family from New Orleans.  They throw beads in their tree every Mardi gras.  You better believe I will be doing that in my forever home.  Tracy then made* me procrastinate going grocery shopping and hang out with her fabulous friends Ron and Shirley…who then made me stay for several glasses of wine and not start my errands until well after dinner.

*made is a strong word for the point.  She actually asked like a normal human.  I felt compelled to hang out because she is so much fun and I have severe FOMO (fear of missing out).  Peer pressure gets me into the best situations.

On a side note: Army beat Navy for the second year in a row and won the Commander in Chief cup for the first time in forever.  Scott is absolutely elated.

Well my friends, that is all for now.  I will catch you up on the waterfalls and my postponed bday adventure soon.  I have to catch up before my parents get here and we start our own adventures.

Cheers, A

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