Yooooooou betcha

***written while curled up in bed waiting for the nyquil to kick in…everyone is sick from getting the flu shot***

Hey Everyone!

I hope this post finds you well. Work is, and always will be crazy. This week is interesting because I am trying to help a family get a POW medal for their grandpa who was a POW in Germany in WWII, was set free by Patton’s 3rd Army and then went on to fly in Vietnam. He died in 2015 but is still eligible for the medal (didn’t exist until after Vietnam) so I am trying to help the family honor him. I’ve been hearing about regulations from 1947 (when the Army Air Corps broke from the Army and became the Air Force) and calling between services. It’s been an interesting week (in the middle of sucking it up during this sickness and giving myself pep talks to get my butt to work).

Magical Moments in Minnesota

Niki and Alex got married in Minnesota last weekend!!!

I’m pretty sure nothing else would get me to MN this time of year. I gathered up the little cold weather gear I had and headed out to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

I learned as soon as I was walking to my rental car, that yes, cold still does exist. And I should probably put on the big coat I’d been lugging around and, oh by the way, Mom told you to bring gloves for a reason. I think it really hit me when I pulled on the door handle and ice broke off…winter is here.

I had to pick up Steve from the airport, so I hung around the Mall of America for a few hours (two miles from the airport). I spent some time getting lost in Nordstroms (yo they have the best customer service, I limped in wearing my new boots that were cutting my feet, they resized me and I walked out with a better fitting pair) and wandering around the coolest mall I’ve ever been in. There is a roller coaster and a water log ride inside it, amongst all the cool stores.

I met up with Colleen, Kyle, and Sydney at the Rainforest cafe (just in time to hear about how Sydney was terrified of the gorillas and to watch another kid scream in terror as they started beating their chests). I went and got Frozen Steve and we headed for the hotel for rehearsal.

The wedding was at the Cathedral of Saint Paul and to say it was beautiful would be a gross understatement. It looks old and European and is just as imposing and grand. We figured out how to get our joint service saber arch together and then hit up the rehearsal dinner (complete with food truck at the ready). Once we got back to the hotel, Steve, Colleen, and I stayed up late catching up on life and drinking.

The Wedding

Niki and Alex had 260 people at their wedding. They actually made the Cathedral look relatively full (which says a lot that place is massive). I cannot imagine the level of stress that came with it. Plus, everything in the wedding was planned to perfectly…from the snapchat filter to document their day to the program that had Niki and Alex’s silhouettes in it from his proposal…it was so amazing. The service was pretty short for a Catholic wedding and we didn’t have to kneel much (I was worried about how that would work with a saber).

The saber guard was awesome (my wheel cap almost blew away but didn’t…so there is a win in itself) complete with a Navy SEAL in a spartan helmet with a shield and real I can stab you if I want trident.

The reception was almost in WI, but no worries, Niki had shuttles to get us there. It was in an events space that used to be an old shoe factory but they made some updates and its gorgeous.

We spent way too much time in the photo booth and spent all afternoon drinking. Instead of a cake, they had the most beautiful glittery donuts I’d ever seen. The decorations were awesome….black with white feathers. We even got sunglasses with their wedding date on it.

There was even a Buffalo Wild wing delivery at 10pm and shuttles home starting at 10:30. If you need the how to on how to plan an amazing wedding, talk to Niki…she will square you away. It was a blast and the company was even better.

There is nothing cuter than watching Sydney run around the dance floor and try and imitate my dress twirling techniques.

Next thing I knew it was back to the real world and here I lay, dreaming about Portofinos roast beef sandwiches and cheesy fries and Piada’s amazingness (if you haven’t tried this chain, stop what you are doing and go….healthy Italian food…bowls, wraps, etc., prepared in a Chipotle like setting. You can thank me now.

Alright. That’s all I have for now. Let’s make it to the end of the week!

Cheers! A

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