Into the Woods

***written at the kitchen table….post blood orange mimosas….the couch is making me want a nap and ain’t nobody got time for that*** (it should be noted I love naps…I just have stuff to do today)


This is the last post catch up I have for a while…and I am trying to actually write things as they happen, so I don’t get so far behind.  Wish me luck (I know I know, some of you don’t believe me….but I have a good feeling this time it will happen).

It’s been a lot of fun down here in SC.  There’s a ton of cool stuff to do.  Like grill fresh caught oysters and shuck them yourselves (who knew this was a thing???).  

I’ve been keeping myself busy, since Scott has departed on his long ass trip…which is good.  Sitting still makes me reflect on how much I miss him.

Saturday before Halloween was spent working the base Boo Bash for my squadron.  The plan was to be Disney princesses.  I had my Anna costume.  One troop was supposed to be Elsa and the other a princess of her choosing.  We were going to decorate the trunk and make it look like snow.  Great plan.  Then Murphy’s law hit.  Nobody had clean white sheets.  The Elsa dress didn’t close in the back and she didn’t have a blonde wig (thank goodness children have imaginations).  The Princess Tiana dress split down the middle.  The snowflakes on the car kept getting kicked off.  The babies were not cooperating.  But somehow, we made it and got over 3K people through the line (needless to say after three hours, I was exhausted).


The next day, Alannah and I went to Congaree to take some cool pictures.  We were hoping for the eerie fog that you see in Civil War movies (this fog is one of my favorite parts of the South, it just drifts slowly in random patches and makes me feel like I’m in some epic movie)…but for some reason, it wasn’t cold enough.  Here some of them are…in this case pictures are better than words.

Love this picture of Alannah!!!

What happened in between poses….it hurt so bad but was totally worth it for the cool shots!

We caught the attention of David….who asked to take some pics of us. How could we say no to this guy?

He makes me want to learn about different lenses because his pics were so awesome!

It was such a fun day.

The next day, I got to take my guys on a field trip to Camden Battle Field to learn some Revolutionary War history….plus replace the flags because they were so tattered and thatโ€™s totally unacceptable to me…900 of our brothers died there fighting for our Independence. We can at least show respect and gratitude by keeping the memorial nice.

It was a nice little walk through the woods and so badass to walk somewhere with such importance to our way of life today ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ. Not a bad way to start off the week!

I hope this post finds you well. Cheers, A

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  1. You need to come to Arnold next year, as our October activity was an Oktoberfest replete with a home brew beer competition (the wing commander’s pumpkin spice IPA won 2nd place) and an oompah band, The kids loved that, they spent the whole night dancing while their parents sampled the home brew. You and Scott would have loved it, especially given the setting here with the lake, the deer and the beautiful fall colors on the trees!


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