Where the Cotton Grows Sky High

***written on my second cup of coffee…because caffeine is life….still enjoying the fall…hoping it never gets old…this weather is amazing***


When your good friend that you spent 11 months with in a middle eastern country invites you to his wedding, you go.  Even when it’s 5 hours into the middle of nowhere GA.  You still go.  

Because friendships formed in tremulous times (i.e. playing games of earthquake or car bomb) are inexplicably strong and if you can make it to something important in their lives, dammit you go.  

Scott gets it.  So on his last weekend before his long ass business trip (for the purposes of this blog), he went with me.

How far into the middle of nowhere you ask?  Where the only option to get to Moultrie, GA is backroads….that’s how far.

The wedding was at the Gin Creek Plantation.  It was beautiful and old….surrounded by cotton fields…I felt like I walked into Gone with the Wind.

The ceremony was short, sweet and meaningful.  Grant and Maria just look like they are so much in love.  Best part?  Them walking out to the Star Wars theme.  This was the first time I’d ever heard Maria talk (I’d only seen pictures and heard about how wonderful she was) and she has the most wonderful Southern accent I’ve ever heard!  Gotta love the South.  This was wedding #4/5 for 2017.  I’m getting pretty good at them.  I love celebrating love…plus I’m always down for a good party.

We sat down to some good Southern food and even better company.  Vinny and Seth came in from TX and MS respectively.  Tim came in from TX.  Dinner was spent laughing and catching up.

After the wedding, Vinny, Seth, Scott, and I went back to the hotel and played board games in the lobby with wine until things started getting blurry.  Drunk Clue is officially a new favorite. Nice move Hampton Inn…totally unexpected awesomeness.

Breakfast at Waffle House the next day topped off our middle of nowhere GA experience.  You can always count on Waffle House for the greasiest of breakfasts…always delicious and always cheap. 

It should be noted, the guy whose truck we balanced the camera on was not happy with his involvement in the photo

Fueled on loaded hash browns and 6 cups of coffee, we headed back to get Scott ready to head out on his adventure 🇺🇸.

That’s it for now. 

Cheers, A

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  1. You go to the most spectacular weddings, Amanda! Such wonderful photos. We ate at Waffle House once, this past spring when we drove to Florida 😮 What an experience…..


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