Craft Beer Palooza

***written curled up on my new couch with a homemade latte enjoying this fall weather…don’t worry it will be 80 degrees by lunch 🍁***


It’s been a hot minute, so let’s catch up on some adventures!

Steve pulled himself away from DC for the weekend and came down South for an adventure. So where did we take him? Asheville of course. If you want to go someplace that is more hipster than Southern….this is your place. Known for its epic waterfalls, the Blue Ridge parkway, gorgeous mountains, and supposedly having the most breweries per capita in the US…it always guarantees a good time. Plus you get to play the Ali Wong game “is that bears for warmth or fashion” game (it’s so hard to tell with hipsters).

We checked into our Air BNB and headed to the mountains. Of course the weekend Steve comes it it’s supposed to rain….so this was our only chance.  We popped into Looking Glass Falls….bc it’s always gorgeous.

Saw Sliding Rock, but decided to not be crazy like all the little kids and go in the freezing water (I’ll be back for you sliding rock….it’s a big smooth rock that makes a natural water slide).

We went up to Blue Ridge Parkway to be greet by fog, rain, and clouds. Which is totally depressing. We kept driving on it because it was the fastest way back to the city….and somehow found a cloud break halfway in. We turned around a pulled over to the side of the road to soak in the view we came for.

Then the cloud rolled in and we were back to fog and gloom.

We got back and started the craft beer tour immediately. Steve was our guide, making sure we knew what flavors we were tasting instead of my typical pallet of ew or I like that.

Burial Beer Co was unique in the fact it had all of its beers named after something to do with death “archaic souls” saison and “the rosary” stout. I always enjoy a good theme. Plus they had cool art.

We went to the Funkatorium next….1) we needed real food because the pupus we had at Burial were for ants and 2) the name was awesome. While the food was exactly what we needed (ie portions for hungry people) we learned why it had the word funk in it. All the beers were sour or “funky”. This is not my cup of tea. I threw up in the Pali highway because of too much sour beer, but was willing to try again. Yep. Just as I suspected. Still terrible. Did not finish that one (someone in the party would regret drinking all their sour would throw up later….names omitted to protect the guilty party).

This is where it gets hazy. We went to a brewery in the Arts District. 95% sure it was Wedge….but that many beers in it’s hard to say. Steve and random high schooler beat Scott and me at cornhole (don’t know how the hell that happened) and we wandered off to find the UFC fight for Scott to watch. Lesson learned. If you are into UFC, do not go to Asheville on fight night. They won’t be playing it. So sad Scott, Steve, and I headed to Well Played for more booze and board games…..which ended up being awesome. So awesome when it was pouring rain the next day, we came back.

Scott stole my outfit

The next day it was rainy and awful. So we headed to brunch at Posana, which is holy shit delicious then off to second breakfast like a bunch of hobbits at French Broad Chocolate lounge where we ate more chocolate than any one human should.

On the way out of Asheville, I had to sneak one more adventure in.  So we went to Chimney Rock State Park in search of views and waterfalls.  

It did not disappoint.  The hike wasn’t terrible, there was a raised boardwalk all the way up to the top of the chimney.  We soaked in some views and moved on to the next (I’m not the kind of person to go somewhere and sit and think about how amazing it is.  I’m in….wow that’s cool…and out…I always exhaust people who travel with me).

We walked over to Hickory Nut Falls.  

Which I would have never gone to based on the name (should be named Big Ass Falls or something more catchy), but we were here so why not? And it was amazing!  

You have to go see it!  I am in awe of how many massive waterfalls NC is hiding.  Waterfalls were cool in HI….but rarely this big.

Asheville, you never disappoint.

Cheers until next time!



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