Black lights and neon body paint

***written while curled up in bed with a hair mask on***

Hello my friends!

The emotional week came to an end yesterday as I put Scott on a plane to protect our freedom for six months and I got over my I’m alone in this big house by myself pity party. I’m goodish now. At least it’s started so we can get it over with.

But this is not why you are reading nor why I am writing. It’s time to tell you about the awesomeness that was Imagine Fest (and the shitty parts too).

So we make it into Atlanta and finally get a hot minute to relax before it’s time to party at Imagine Fest. Newman and Grady (I believe his name was I kept calling him Gabby so I am only 5% sure of his real name) came in from Alabama.

Scott is the one who got me into EDM. I used to make fun of the heavy beats (WAAA WAAHHH WA WAH WAWA WAAAAAAAAHHHH WAHHH) all the time. It wasn’t until I went to show a show that I began to appreciate the whole experience. Feeling the music pulse through your chest, dancing, lights, smoke, confetti….decent music? Totally awesome. Plus I’ve learned it’s awesome to workout to…but it gets my heart rate up so high it’s best not to listen to when I’m stressed because I’ll start freaking out faster. But I digress.

What does Scott love more than EDM? Halloween. Since he wasn’t going to be here for it, this was his time to shine. He spent weeks putting together all the pieces and even making his gold black light trident (yes. This was carried all across the country). We were going with tacky America and underwater for the first two nights. If we had enough energy, Day 3 was wear whatever. What do I love more than a reason to dress up? A reason to wear an excessive amount of glitter. It was game on.

Day 1: 

We stayed at the Hampton Inn near the Atlanta Motor Speedway. This is important because they hooked us up with our personal driver all weekend…who was the best and always found us in the crowds of people.

So we get dropped off spend some time in line (hour maybe) then go inside. The grandstand was SHAKING with the bass. Spurts of Fire scared the shit out of me from one of the stages. Crazy dresses people everywhere. Crazier than eagle swimsuit and three wolf moon tee…that’s for sure.

We saw Datsik, Deorro, and Tiesto (who I had been super excited to see.

The blurred pic describes the night best

Day #2: it was so nice to sleep in. I was pushing our adventure limits so sleep was minimal. We woke up around lunch then started getting ready for the underwater theme.  This took time. Scott hot glued the black light to his trident (he even researched volts and other nerdy things to get the battery pack to work best) and I had to figure out what to do with the neon face paint (if you are ever bored I recommend a google for festival paint you won’t be bored). 

Friendship at its finest

I covered myself in too much glitter, put on my mermaid bodysuit, tied up my light up leg things and we bounced. 

The only problem is we bounced too slow and the festival forgot how to let people in at a decent rate…so we waited in line for three hours. Never have I hate vapers more as I got stuck in their cloud, surrounded by sweaty people in the humidity.

By the time we got in…we were too hungry and pissed to do much else but go to the main stage. 

Good thing we looked awesome.

We made it in time to see Flux Pavillion. He blew my mind. The music was the best I heard, we were pretty close to stage, and the guy is British and so freaking cool (if you wouldn’t mind, it would be an honor if I could play you one more song).

The lights and visuals were perfect. At one in time there were giant stretchy spider webs being pulled across the audience. Super weird, creepy and awesome at the same time.

The show sadly ended and the crowd cleared out. We rushed forward because we were there to see Deamau5. And we were practically front row. We were beyond stoked. Then the music started. And it was terrible. Like noises. No melody. No bass. Just mechanical noises that made me uncomfortable and my skin crawl. I have no idea where the music I loved was…definitely not on stage that’s for sure. But before we walked out (because we did, disappointed and making a mental note to delete them from my playlists) we got to witness something awesome.

At these music festivals, people carry around totems so their friends can find them in the crowds. 

There was one of Kermit the frog mounting Miss Piggy on a stick. This one got particularly obnoxious when it made it right in front of the stage for Deadmau5. The DJ is famous for wearing a light up mouse helmet, which after 30 min of torture noises, he decided to put on. But nobody could see because Kermit was banging miss piggy. This couple appears beside us. The wife says no. You stay right here. I will be right back. I don’t care if I go to jail for that totem. And runs into the crowd. You see Kermit and piggy go down. Everyone cheers. Then it goes back up. Husband runs into the crowd knowing that his wife must sure be in trouble as the obnoxious banner rose victoriously. He disappears. Next thing we know he comes barreling out of the crowd knocking people over, running from someone. He apologizes and two security guards pop out of the crowd and tackle him. We determined he could have gotten away if he wasn’t so nice.

We finished the night up with Pretty Lights who were pretty boring after Flux and went home.

Newman and Gabby went home and somehow I managed to get Scott out one last night (if never been to a full festival before). We were exhausted. Luckily everyone else was and imagine fest discovered their entry method sucked and we walked in right away. 

We got a air hammock mattress thing and laid down watching the crazies and listening to the rest of the sets. 

We couldn’t really bother to stand up except for the fireworks (because cool photo op).

Scott says this was a B rate festival. I don’t know the difference. I had a blast. But now I have a new goal: Coachella. Put it on the list.

Cheers, A

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