Looking for Angels

***written on the stairclimber so I keep my hands busy so I can avoid the urge to lean on the machine and half ass my workout***

Happy Friday!

This week was exhausting. A roller coaster of emotions as we tried to get Scotty out the door and then he gets pushed back…and back…maybe he will leave next week. Who knows? I’m excited we get more time, but I’m ready to get this separation over with. Couple that with the unrelenting pace of work…I need a nap, five drinks, some adventures, cuddles, cake, a solid workout, and some puppy love. But it’s Friday! We made it! I’ll stop complaining and tell you about some other adventures (nobody needs a downer on a Friday)….let’s talk about ZION!!

We flew exhausted from Yosemite to Las Vegas. There was a moment of panic in the airport when I couldn’t find a campsite for us…but I took a deep breath…took on the challenge…and found us a kick ass site (hopefully) right outside the park. Lizz and Gil picked us up. We drop luggage off at their house, head to the grocery store, and hit the road to Utah.

This trip was exceptionally exciting because it was Lizz’s first time camping. I know. Did you grow up in CO? Yes. Yes I did. But we played softball competitively since we were in elementary school and were playing 8 games a weekend, traveling, and practicing. So there wasn’t time…which perhaps is why I’m soaking it all in now, because I finally have time to.

We get to our campsite at Zion Ponderosa ranch and although you can glamp in some sections, our spot was nestled in the trees and perfect. We set up camp and Lizz had her first campfire meal. STEAKKKKKS. And her first s’mores in the woods. So exciting.

Next morning, we were up and moving slowly. The challenge for Lizz sometimes is completely switching her sleep schedule (seeing as she is a vampire it’s hard to change that schedule). But adventure called and after killing some amazing breakfast burritos (we had the best camping food) and calling our Dad (he was getting a knee replacement)…we hit the road to Zion.

Warning: Zion is not as well run as Yosemite. We waited in line for almost two hours to get into the park. If you aren’t camping in the park, get started early or be prepared to wait.

We park and take the bus (mandatory…unlike Yosemite…seriously book extra time for transit) and made it to Angels Landing.

It was paved all the way to the chains, which was pretty awesome. I’m not used to such an official hike. The challenge is the uphill and the constant switch backs all the way up. Bring a ton of water and snacks for your breaks. If you aren’t hiking constantly, you will want breaks, or you will end up violently puking over the edge a mile up like we saw one guy do.

We made it to the chains and took on the half mile challenge near the edge. So proud of Lizz. I do this stuff all the time and she just jumps right in and goes. I feel like it’s relatively safe seeing as you have something that isn’t going to move for balance if you need it (there are much more precarious places to put yourself in in Hawaii). 

The view at the top was amazing. Completely worth the sweat. Words won’t describe it so I’ll let the pictures talk. Oh. I hiked up with angels wings…because I’m all about that creative picture.

The hike down was a breeze….especially not having to worry about slipping on uneven ground (I’m good at going up but down is not my forte…I’m clumsy).

I was still on a hikers high so scotty and I went to go find the emerald pools and a waterfall while Lizz and Gil went to get ice cream. We ran to see them. They were disappointing…the waterfall was a mist compared to anything is yosemite and while the pools were a cool concept (all the water leaks out of the rocks) I’m glad Lizz and gil didn’t come. Extra work for nothing exciting (side note that same hike is a visual on the stairclimber I’m on…super funny to me).

We went home exhausted and got more awesome food and drinks (seriously apple cider and whiskey is the best when it’s cold….love our jet boil) and rested up for the Narrows.

Luckily, gil found out that there were water shoe and walking stick rentals for the narrows at Zion Adventure company so we had the proper gear (they also have military discount which is always amazing)….so the next day we were prepared for our 5 miles up the river to get to Wall Street (goal is to someday get to the subway but you need a permit and a guide). This was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. The canyon is so narrow and tall. The water wasn’t as cold as we thought and never quite hit crotch level (there were some chilly close calls). There was only minor slipping, which is incredible. I fall only solid ground all the time…the water socks and shoes and stick were key to making this fast and enjoyable.

Again. I’ll let the pictures speak for The Narrows instead of me.

Then we headed home. And rested. Everyone was some level of sick but me…so we stayed home, stuffed our faces with pizza then passed out so we could get some rest before our flight to Atlanta the next day.

I hope this finds everyone well. Have an amazing weekend. May it bring your adventures and laughter.

Cheers, A

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