Shippin’ up to Boston

***written while curled up on the couch trying not to drop the phone on my face I’m so tired but it’s not late enough yet so I keep fighting****


September was full of awesome adventures. In order to not inundate you with the world’s longest post, I’m going to break them down for you. So here is Scott’s and Amanda’s Excellent Adventure #1/4.

Sometimes hurricanes happen. Actually a lot in the South. More than I ever expected actually. Sometimes those hurricanes happen when you have two weeks of leave plan and screw up your plans to Disney World. In a last minute scramble, we found somewhere else to go. My only criteria was that involved roller coasters. I learned that there are roller coaster rankings and The Golden Ticket award is actually a thing. From this research, I learned that New England has one of the best coasters in the world…so Boston it was.


One of the best parts about the military is you know people EVERYWHERE. Boston is no exception. A few hours on the groun I was having a beer with my buddy Billy and he was handing me Red Sox tickets. Dream come true! I grew up playing softball and even collecting baseball cards….getting to see the Green Monster in person was nothing short of bucket list epicness.

The Sox crushed the Rays. I got to sing Sweet Caroline. Scott and I had a lesson in communication. It goes like this: when your girlfriend is filming Sweet Caroline for documentation and you look over and find yourself on the big screen, please signal to her this is happening…or she will miss it. It was Scott’s first time on the big screen so he kept dancing as to not scare them away (the man has moves…I’m sure they were hypnotized). In Scotts defense, it looked like I was filming it. I was actually in selfie mode filming me trying to get him to look at my camera. Siiiiiiighhhh. Feel free to make fun of me all you want.

Billy brought us to a locals dive bar after some drinks in the Sea Port area where he and his buddy argued about the best pizza and clam chowder in Boston in the thickest accents I’ve ever heard for an hour. Never will a more Bostonian thing happen to me again.

Pic with Billy before he dropped us off at Fenway

Six Flags New England

The next day we headed out to Six Flags so I could uphold my end of the bargain…roller coasters. We went all out and bought Platinum fast passes, which I attribute to Scott feeling like ass and needing a nap near the end of the day. We didn’t have to wait in line longer than five minutes and went from coaster to coaster.

The Superman was everything I’d hoped it would be. Smooth ride and the most incredible drop ever. We rode it three times.

Scott was amazing and let me take the long way home so we could drive through Connecticut and Rhode Island so I could knock some states off my list.

Brucey and Blubs

Bruce is the biggest nerd I know. I’ve known him since freshman year of college and would not pass up a chance to hang out with him. How big a nerd you ask? He’s getting his doctorate in Physics at UNH and pretty much only talks in symbols now because he’s studying the stuff the northern lights are made of (Aurelius) (as he shakes his head as I explain it wrong). It involves him launching rockets in cool locations. I can’t wait for him to graduate so I can call him Doctor.

So we knock out another state to see him where I learned they put blueberries in blueberry beer up here. So amazing!!!

We got some of the best clam chowder I’ve ever had then headed to Maine for a light house (Nubble to be exact) and lobster….evidence below.

It was as delicious as I’d hoped.

That night we did some exploring and started by checking out Cheers. I learned the show was filmed in LA and only the front of the bar was used for the show. The rest is a giant tourist trap with crappy Irish coffees. Go inside but don’t expect much.

We then stumbled on the Holocaust memorial along the Freedom Trail. 

It’s probably one of the most creative memorials I’ve seen. There are six tall glass towers with what looks like fogged out glass (one for each death camp). Get closer and it turns it the fog is actually the numbers tattooed on everyone who was murdered. 

If you go when it’s sunny out, the numbers temporality tattooed on your skin too. Underneath are hot coals and sparkling lights. The coals let out steam that symbolize a breath of life being exhaled through the chimney.  Seeing the numbers of the dead is a harrowing experience.

Boston Things

Seeing as I love to cram everything possible into an experience, we did a Freedom trail tour the next day with our own revolutionary guide.

We saw the burial ground where Paul Revere, Sam Adams and John Hancock were buried.

We saw the Old Statehouse where the Devlaration of Independence was first read out loud to the city….and where they do it for the 4th of July ever since.

We saw the USS Constitution (commission by George Washington…no big deal).

And had killer espresso, Italian food, and canoli in North End. 

We ended the night smoking cigars in front of Paul Revere’s house. MURICA.

Attempt At the Cape

I am not a quitter. So we kept going. All the way to Cape Cod for “the best clam chowder” and Plymouth Rock. It was a dud of a day. The chowder was better in NH (sorry Billy) and Plymouth Rock was a famous rock in a cage. Woot. 

But still a win because I got to check some cool stuff off my list. Needless to say by the time we got on the flight to Yosemite the next day…we were ready to “relax”.

Boston, I ❤️ you! Officially one of my new favorite cities.

I hope you are well. Parts 2-4 coming soon. 



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