GEAR TEST: Senita Athletics

If you don’t read the whole post, that’s cool. I’ll give you the BLUF (bottom line up front): I loved the tights and sports bra from Senita. Super high quality at an unbelievable price. Definitely check this company out.

I got to give the ultimate test to my new Senita workout tights and sports bra…..see if they hold up climbing to Half Dome in Yosemite (16ish miles). Fortunately, the gear held up better than my plan to get on a stranger’s permit up to Half Dome (we didn’t have one and since this trip was last minute, had no way off getting one). We decided to climb 8 extra miles to Clouds Rest…..because you don’t hike half up a mountain to get a half ass view…you put in work because you want to get blown away.

Ombré Pants – Blue ($40) (i.e what I’ve traditionally called tights/leggings): Not only can these tights handle my sweaty self, they didn’t tear when my walking stick (i.e. branch) snagged across them several times. I was impressed because they are so affordable. The last pair of tights I wore that were this price, didn’t last one hike. The fabric is soft but strong and comfortable. The ombré is my favorite part and the colors are just as beautiful as they appear in the pics. There’s also a zipper in the back to keep your ID secure in. Bonus: I got compliments all day on how cute my pants were.

Sarah Sports Bra – Black ($26) : I will be honest, I packed a spare sports bra in case this one started chaffing. My current stuff has been sweat tested, so I knew it wouldn’t let me down under pressure. Plus, I haven’t bought a sports bra at this low of a price since high school (there were doubts). But guess what? I didn’t even need my more expensive spare sports bra because this one stood up to the challenge (and sweat). There are liners in the cups so nothing pops through and the hold was perfect. I don’t have a ton up top to worry about bouncing around, but nonetheless what I do have felt supported and strapped down. It has a little more coverage than a sports bra and looks more like a crop top (super in right now, which I why I wanted to try it in the first place). It’s cute, it can get you up mountains AND IT’S SO FREAKING AFFORDABLE!

Huge thank you to Senita Athletics for creating such an awesome product and letting me road test it for them.

Until next time. 

Cheers Friends, A

Want to try Senita out? Use code “amandajoy” at checkout to get 10% off!

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