I want to ride my Biiiiiiicycle!

***written while sitting on the plane to Atlanta…stomach growling because we didn’t have a chance to make breakfast and the food in the Columbia Airport is terrible***

We are heading out on our two week adventure before Scott deploys, so before the games begin I thought I would update you on what I’ve been doing.

Watched the McGregor v. Mayweather fight at Tracy and Drew’s house with 30 high school students…and was reminded how boring boxing is to watch. No take down? No kick in the face? Not interested. But the company was good and I made a killer charcuterie plate….so I still count it as a win.

Work. Has. Been. Insane. I worked two mortuary cases in a week. 

Things I never thought I would have to do:

-determine if someone’s body would be viewable by the family because their body started decaying too fast

-know what a decaying body smells like

-have a serious conversation with the funeral home director about the removal of nipple rings 

-inspect nose hair on a dead person, get it trimmed twice and then get close enough to blow the nose hair off the face because the person trimming couldn’t see where the hair went

It’s been crazy but it’s all good. The Air Force takes Mortuary seriously. I’m honored to have this crazy job to get fallen Airmen home to their loved ones.

Speaking of people with crazy jobs, let’s talk about my Airmen who do this with me. They work at the fitness centers, the dining facilities, and as a side job, Mortuary with me. If a plane goes down, we come in once the scene is safe to remove remains from the scene (again gettting whatever is left of loved ones home).

Below is my team practicing Search & Recovery.

I watched in awe as my Airmen pinned the ribbons on the chest of a dead man and made sure his tie was on right. Did they know when they got their Air Force Specialty Code (their job) they would be doing this? Probably not. Yet they do it any way. Like it’s nothing. They are amazing. No credit. Nobody thinks about how it happens or hands out high fives for a body well dressed.  They are my heroes.

Ok. That was heavy. Let’s lighten mood and talk about what Scott and I did for Labor Day.  After working 12 days in a row, I needed a break. Bad.

So we rested and went on a last min trip to Atlanta. We stayed with Auntie Judy, hit up REI for camping gear, got some awesome tacos and margs, saw Scott’s friend Beau downtown, and then got some rest. 

That didn’t last long…I needed an adventure. So we (Abbie joined us at this point) went to the Beltway and rode bikes through the city. Such an awesome concept. A bike/walking path that winds through the city.  They had art all along the way and several artists building new installments.

We went to Piedmont park, rode around, tried to get a cool shot with Norbert, but didn’t end up working out because he hadn’t been used for a while and the batteries lost some juice. 

So we had to get a picture taken by a human so we could document the moment. 

We went to Ponce City Market for lunch. A mall built in an old factory on the beltway. Problem was at 2pm on a Sunday on Labor Day weekend, everyone else went there too. We had to fight for a table and wait forever for food, but thankfully the burgers were amazing. If you ever go…try to avoid any peak time and holidays. It was a madhouse in a cool spot (the industrial look is awesome)…but I didn’t want to explore it too much because of how crowded it was.

We left early the next day to avoid traffic back to SC. And then just relaxed and adulted. We started watching American Horror Story on Netflix and binge watched a bit. Pretty sure Scott picked it out to distract me from the awfulness I had to see in my reality…so I’m grateful. I’m not really into scary stuff but it helps. I’d rather dream about ghosts than corpses any day.

Sunday we woke up and discovered that our trip to Disney World and Montana was going to have to change…you know…because of the Cat V hurricane and the whole state burning. So I spent 6 hours trying to get the tickets fixed and because Delta and AMEX are so awesome, we were able to for $18. 

In between all of this, I was baking for birthdays for my office. I made snickers cupcakes (crunchy pb buttercream frosting with caramel drizzle on a chocolate cupcake) and multicolored cake pops. They tasted like awesome. 

Then all week we worked hurricane prep while I tried to find time to book/plan the new trip to Boston and Yosemite. Getting home after 8 then sitting on a computer for hours after is not fun, but I needed to get places to stay settled. The two things I need planned to travel: how I am getting there and where am I staying. The rest always falls into place.

Annnnnnnd now we are all caught up and my flight is about to land in Atlanta! I hope everyone is well! This was a good distraction while my stomach kept growling. Hopefully we get off the plane soon and nobody tries to get in between me and breakfast. I don’t like to throw elbows before 9am.


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