Accidental 12 mile hike

***written while laying on my bed with my feet hanging off because I just painted my toenails and this is the optimal position for them drying***


Looks like I am back to writing updates once a month because time flies (at least it does when you calculate it in terms of posts). I’m not even sure where to start. (Pause while I look through my phone because it doesn’t feel like I’ve done much, but I know I have)

Alright I’m back. Scott and I went to Charleston for a day trip. 

We went to Magnolia Plantation to see the gardens and were severely disappointed nobody told us not a single flower would be in bloom (cool) so it basically turn into a walk through the woods (gardens were special because it incorporated nature into them…i.e. Let’s plant flower in the woods and make a path. The coolest part was the big ass tree below.

We went to go check out the beach because we wanted to get a cool shot with the drone. It was too windy…so we starred at the brownish water for a bit (yes Hawaii ruined us), put our feet in the Atlantic just to say we had, and then left.

Because we needed a win and a solid cheat meal, I got us reservations at SNOB (slightly north of broad) because I wanted some of the best rated shrimp and grits in the city. Scott hadn’t had them before from Charleston and was skeptical they were worth seeking out…until he tried them and had his mind blown was deliciousness (in other words, if you get the chance…go). We then had to get the best slice of coconut cake in the city….so we did (Penisula grill). So good I had to take a picture of it. It’s right there (12 layers of awesome). πŸ‘‡πŸ»

I had to be rolled to the car.

Scott went to New York for two weeks (just got back yesterday) so I had to figure out how to make friends (good practice for when he’s deployed).  I asked Megan (badass woman in EOD…yeah she blows stuff up/unbombs bombs and it’s awesome) if she wanted to go hiking AND SHE SAID YES (making friends is really exciting). 

So we go to Greenville to find Raven Cliff Falls. Easy enough. In theory. Dog in tow we go into the woods. Seems super easy we have a clear path and there are signs and maps and we are golden. 

It beautiul and green and magical and Holland loved laying in the streams.

We found an overlook to the falls but that wasn’t good enough. So we find signs to the fall that say do not go past this point if you don’t have plenty of food, water, and a map. Steep inclines follow and this will take at least 4 hours. We called bullshit (we had enough for 7 miles) and went anyways.

It was fine for a while. It never really go scary steep, just downhill.  We stopped seeing people and didn’t think that was weird. We also started running into spider webs across the trail and didn’t think that was weird. We started putting sticks in front of our faces so we wouldn’t get surprised…but Holland thought they were for her and kept jumping and grabbing them out of our hands. I got throat punched by a dog. 

We crossed the stream over this cable bridge which was cool.

Buuuuuut then we stopped hearing water and realized we had to have missed our turn. So back over the cable bridge we went…luckily we’d cut all the spiders down so we didn’t have to worry about that (seriously why wasn’t that a clue). We finally ran back into people/map/think we found where we turned down the wrong trail nobody wanted to go on and started the uphill ascent. It burned. A lot. But we were getting closer. Until we ran out of trail and found the waterfall.

We thought we could get closer…but alas…a cliff. As we were about to turn around…we ran into a tired sweaty man and his kids and said this wasn’t it and there was a suspension bridge and everything. So we kept going. Exhausted but determined to see what we came for.

Next thing we knew, there everything was. Waterfall, bridge, everything.  We found a spot to soak our exhausted feet and shared an apple (seriously why no sammies? Completely forgot). 

The cold made them stop throbbing. We’d gone 9 miles and were tired. I tested our flying our drone, Norbert. It didn’t start off so well, I couldn’t get it to fly and before I could give up Megan started fiddling with it and got it to work (remote didn’t connect, thank God for engineers). I managed to get it to take an average pic and not run into any trees. I promise I’ll practice more.

We thought it was kind of odd that there were people who were there weren’t as tired looking as us. One girl was in jean shorts. There’s no way she was going to be doing 14 (or more if you’re us) miles in JEAN SHORTS. So we talked to sweaty man with kids who caught up to us and said THERES A SHORTER WAY BACK. And there was. And it was flat. And easy. And maaaaaaaybe 2 miles. At least we have a better story.

We stopped at the overlook on the way out and soaked in the mountains.

But didn’t stay long bc we needed food really bad. We got BBQ in Greenville at smoke on the water and headed our tires asses home.

On 21 August was the eclipse. I’ll be honest, it was awesome. It got super dark and creepy and quiet in the middle of the day. Such a cool experience.

Not a cool pic except for the shape of the reflections!

Annnnnnd my troops and I looked super cool in our glasses.

Whew. That’s it. I hit all the big points. I hope this finds you well and you are finding some cool adventures to fill your weekends.



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