The Biltmore and other stuff I haven’t written about yet

***written while curled up on the couch drinking high quality H2O….because I’m going to drink a gallon of water a day dammit***

Hey y’all (as they say here in SC),

Work this past month was overly crazy, but I won’t bore you too much with the details. I was sent to Valdosta, GA back to COLA only to turn around to go to Montgomery, AL for a week then come back. You could say I was sick of the car come 1 Jul.

Valdosta, GA: hot as hell, lots of gnats this time of year, excellent BBQ, and a kick ass mission.

A-10 selfie

Montgomery was spent at Mortuary school. The subject was depressing to say the least but reinforced the importance of the job I will be doing for the next two years. The mission is to provide dignity, honor, and respect to fallen Airmen abroad and local and we take that serious very seriously. 🇺🇸 If a loved one dies, the second people a family will talk to is my tech and me. Its amazing how much the AF will take care of those left behind. If you want me to get into details, shoot me a note.  I’ve never had more respect for my Services Airman that I have the honor of leading than after this course 🇺🇸

….annnnnd end scene.

4th of July was pretty low key. I was able to get back to SC on 1 Jul and was sick of the road and slow drivers staying the left hand lane (ITS FOR PASSING PEOPLE). Two days were spent getting 13 hours of sleep…desperately needed. Unable to be completely lazy, Scott and I went up to Cowpens Battlegrounds to do something Patriotic. It was a turning point in the Revoluntionary War…this small America victory started the momentum that would eventually lead to victory in the South 🇺🇸

We walked around with our flag to add a little extra patriotism to the site…you know…because America.

COLA sadly doesn’t do anything big for the 4th…Fort Jackson usually does but they had a big USO tour through earlier this month where they apparently dispelled all their fireworks. So sparklers in our front lawn had to do.

Sparklers will always make me feel like a little kid

This week was our squadrons Change of Command. Fitting five days of work into three plus a big ceremony makes things a little stressful. Oh yeah. Plus our building flooded…so there was that. Nothing ruined except the first impression of a clean building to the new boss.

I got to lead these fine Airmen as troop commander…it was a pretty cool experience….although my toes went numb for standing still so long.

My Airmen wear chef white, normal uniforms, the khakis and polo, plus civilians (in my formation which I’d never seen before)

Scott sensed I needed an adventure, so he suggested we go to Asheville. Immediately the stress of a crazy week melted away into planning. So we went to the Biltmore.

Built in 1895, for Mr Vanderbilt and his family, it still stands as the largest estate in the US. It felt like being in Europe visiting a giant castle. There were over 22K books in the library, a bowling alley, a pool and indoor plumbing. When I asked why the family didn’t live there anymore…it became obvious as I wiped the sweat off my face…no AC. In NC? No thanks. They still help run it and welcome 1 million visitors a year.


The views from the inside of the house were amazing. There were huge gardens but sadly we only got to see half because the were setting up for A WEDDING aka JFK style.


On the way to the winery…there was a sunflower field…naturally we had to pull over and play in it!


Best surprise of the day? You can drink as long as you want at the winery with you ticket stub ✨ we only got to try 7 because we wanted to get dinner (Little Bee Thai in Asheville will rock your socks off).


Welp, that’s about it friends! I hope this post finds out well!

Cheers, A

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