Elbows & Rib Heads

***written on my flight to San Antonio that’s been delayed for four hours because I can’t sleep because I am next to the only guy on the plane with his light on….he also is aggressively typing and keeps bumping me…reaction shown below***


Hello friends,

It’s been an interesting few weeks but before we get to it you may ask, why are you going to San Antonio? Well, my first superintendent Jay Jay is pinning on Chief mater sergeant and that is something you simply don’t miss. Also, I got super lucky and was able to take leave. You all know my job is crazy.

It’s been a rough travel day. My flight out of Columbia was delayed for no reason. Then we stayed on the tarmac for 20 min probably playing chicken with another plane trying to leave (side note: just bumped Old mans elbow off my side…nope…he’s back…I am standing my ground and maintaining my space. If he wants awkward elbow touching fine. Next stage is awkward elbow touching with direct eye contact…let’s hope it doesn’t come to that). I landed in Atlanta just in time to so my plane pull away from the gate. Cool. I was fine in the delta sky lounge and kept going in and out checking on my new flight, which couldn’t seem to find pilots….for four hours. Fail delta. It also doesn’t help my body is draining through my eyes and throat out of protest for all the pollen in the air. I’m a mess (he has moved his…nopehes back….let the record show my elbow is on the side of the armrest and he is on my side).


So a weird thing happened two weeks ago. I woke up with some back pain. Like too painful to roll out back pain. I iced and stretched and took the Motrin. Monday I woke up in terrible pain. I could barely roll out of bed. There was no way I could go to work. So I got an appt at the clinic for pain in the middle of my back on my left side. As soon as I got to shaw (painful drive) and got checked in, the tech put me in for a urinalysis because he thought I was having kidney problems. No way. The doc came in, poked around my back and much to my horror discovered a rib head HAD POPPED OUT. This is a thing. He tried to pop it back in. It wouldn’t go. So he said take some muscle relaxers and lay on the floor with a neutral spine and it should slide back in. I slept most of Monday with the muscle relaxers and started watching The Handmaidens Tale on Hulu (weird yet can’t stop watching). Tuesday proved the doc wrong. I couldn’t get out of bed. Scott had to help me. I tried to get to the guest bed to hopefully get a better angle to sleep (it moves). I almost collapsed in the hall. Scott had to help me into the bed which did not feel better. I kept wimpering every time I moved. I’ve never felt pain this intense without a way to fix it. I got another day of quarters. Scott took the day off and I did what I do when doctors don’t help, desperately call the chiropractor. I found one right by my house. He got me right in and acted like a rib out of place was normal. He relaxed my muscles and much to my happiness/horror he crunched it back in. The pain still sucked and I was starting to worry that the pain wouldn’t go away. Thank god aednesday proved me wrong. I woke up with only a slight pain….like nothing happened. I went to go see the doctor on base again who gave me one more day of quarters and I tried to sneak into work to check on some emails (I got kicked out after an hour by our admin assistant Talona…she doesn’t mess around). So I went home, took more pain meds, watched more Handmaidens, and went to the chiro one more time. Thursday I woke up like nothing was wrong. Friday I could do push ups. Saturday I ran five miles and Monday I took a mock PT test and aced it. Like nothing happened. Like crumpling over in pain was just a figment of my imagination. What the hell. I’m still scared. So I’m stopping crossfit. I was told it could easily pop right out again with heavy lifting for the next six months. I will wait with baited breath. In the meantime, I’m taking classes at orange theory fitness to still get a bang for my buck with the one hour I can work out.

The adventure for last weekend was checking out lake murray, right outside the (we are landing and the guy finally turned his light off and removed his elbow, how sweet) city. We found a park but it was a little beach park crowded with families bbqing. Not our scene. I found a little state park on the map and we trekked 45 min there….hoping for a little open space. Dreher state park provided it. Tons of open area right onto the lake. Not popular. One child who came at the end. Goal is to get a floatie and chill in the lake some weekend in the future.


I hope you are well. My weekend in TX is about to start. Finally. Hopefully the pollen is less here so I can stop being a runny mess.


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