Travel Overload


After FIVE YEARS of writing emails to family and friends, I decided to go live with my adventures and travels (it also saves a ton of computer space).  So here they are.  To those that are new (probably friends from fb) welcome to the detailed chaos and crazy that is my life.  If it inspires one person to go on a trip, explore their city, or even hike, I will consider this blog a win.  To those who’ve been with me the whole time, thanks for sticking with me. Your support (and keeping in touch with me) through the highs and lows of the last 5 years means the world.  Alright.  Here we go.  First blog post. grab your drink of choice and let’s catch up.  Seriously.  Go now.  I need you to toast all the happy couples (don’t worry, you will get your cue).

May didn’t really exist for me.  Especially with work.  I run around all day putting out metaphorical fires, come home, pack lunch and clothes, hang out with Scott, wake up at 0430, workout repeat.  I plan on this happening for 2 more years…so unless something crazy pops up, this will be the last I talk about work.  Ok.  Back to the cool stuff.  I didn’t a chance to breathe until this weekend, where after getting home from a work trip, I slept until 11am without second thought.  I knew this month was going to be crazy.  We had something planned every weekend. I didn’t know how crazy would feel (it changes from I want to curl up in the fetal position on my bed and not move for 12 hours to let’s have another glass of champagne and DO THIS **insert warrior cry**) until I finally got to stop moving.

11-15 May: Cross Country Wedding Palooza

Scott decided to be lofty with this weekend.  He wanted to not only see his brother get married in Clovis, CA, but his friend Freddy get married in Savannah.  One on Friday, one on Saturday.  I buckled up for the ride. Not only was this a test of character, but a logistical feat.

Thursday night, we left Scott’s car at the Columbia Airport and picked up the rental and got on the road to Savannah.  We checked into the most incredible B&B (Isadore’s Chamber at Forsyth Park).


It’s one of those old Southern mansions on the park that you only dream about staying in.  Think fireplace in bedroom and bathroom.  Massive chandlers, old and beautiful hardwood.  What you want when you come to Savannah…plus the perfect location for Freddy and Amy’s wedding the next day.  We started the party as soon as we put our bags down, meeting up with all of Scott’s friends he hadn’t seen since living in OK (left January 2013).  We left relatively early so we would be functional for the next day.

Friday (WEDDING DAY) started out with Brunch with Benson (and friends).  This means loads of mimosas and free entertainment as we watch him push the social norms of who you should talk to in restaurants without getting weird looks (catch phrase “stop looking at me in that tone”). We went around looking for clothes to help finish off what outfits we would be wearing to the next day’s wedding (to go mimosas in hand), did some exploring (Pirate’s House finally got checked off the list….getting to see where pirates used to knock people out, drag them out of the bar onto the ship, and force them to be part of the crew or drown) and got in a nap.  We got up with enough time to get ready for the wedding (I dried my hair on the floor out of exhaustion…my job takes it out of me) and had the two minute walk across the street.  It was perfect.  Sweet.  Simple.  GORGEOUS back drop.


Seriously.  Freddy and Amy did it right.  Cheers to the NEWLY WEDS (we will call this wedding 1/6)! The romance in the air inspired the picture below.


The reception was awesome, but we had to leave early because we had to be up at 0345 to catch flights.  I’ll be honest.  It was rough.  I didn’t know if I would make it.  But off to California we went.  Thank God I could sleep on the planes.

We landed in Cali one hour before the wedding.  We rushed to the hotel, begged them to give us a room early so we could shower (to say I looked like a mess would be an understatement), and went to the Japanese gardens.  We made it.  We ended up with time to spare because luck was working against Shayna that day as she locked her bouquet in the trunk of her dad’s running mustang (locked completely out of the car at that)….seriously how does that happen???


The weather was perfect and sunny, the ceremony was beautiful, and the reception dinner was awesome (where Scott got everyone tearing up with his speech for his brother, Brent).  Another toast to the newly weds! (wedding 2/6).

The next day, we went to Mother’s Day Brunch (with Scott’s mom and family) plus wine and port tasting (who knew Clovis had so much to see and eat?).  We got to go to the oldest Port winery in America (Ficklin’s) and some really cool wineries along the way (Solitary Cellars owned by a few people who worked in the prisons…it’s impossible for me to resist a good theme).  I even got to eat some tri-tip.


The next day, we somehow made it on the plane back to Columbia.  What didn’t happen? Me returning the rental car keys.  I sent them back as soon as I heard the panicked voicemail from the car rental place when we landed.  Whoops.

19-21 May: The Hang Out Fest 

When Marie, who I haven’t seen for more than 30 minutes in the past 3 years, asks if you want to meet up and go to a music fest, you go.  She is my smartest friend.  So good she had a Devil Wears Prada like job for not one year like she was hired to do, but two years, plus one more because she did such a good job.  She’s on her way to WA (new job) and was taking an epic road trip, thus meeting in AL.  The drive was broken up by a stop in Atlanta with Auntie Judy (catching up over wine is the best) and then off to Gulf Shores in the am.

The Hang Out Fest is my favorite music festival so far.  Why?  It’s all on the beach.  Shirts and shoes not required.  Also, you can get covered in head to toe glitter (just give me a reason to sparkle).

The music was good….weather was cloudy but probably for the best because I would have fried.  Noteworthy moments?  Getting blown away by Cheat Codes (Scott says one of his top 5 EDM concerts….I was shocked they weren’t pop) and Weezer (brought me back to high school).  Also, proving to Marie that I could put her on my shoulders (and squat her…she is actually my warm up weight).  Crappy moment?  Walking three miles in the dark because taxis were basically nonexistent, as well as the cell service for most of the event…until you were about a mile away. We had to miss Mumford & Sons and Marshmello because of having to get back to work (adulting sucks).


Memorial Day Weekend: The Nix Wedding in Clayton, GA

The roatdtrippin’ continues!  We spent four days grinding at work then I was off to Clayton, GA (Scott was working in FL and had to drive separately).  Lizz and I had the honor of being bridesmaids in Cassie’s wedding!  This meant time to get our party on and supporting our girl as she started her happily ever after.  Scenery for the weekend? Kingwood resort…nestled in the mountains….far away from civilization and cell service.  We had massages and a spa day.  The rehearsal and then dinner with the most stunning views.  Georgia’s beauty constantly blows me away.  I had no idea.  Cousins laughing (or fake laughing…you will never know) below.


The wedding had this incredible background.  It was like a fairy tale.


I will never forget Stephen’s face when he saw Cassie.  That reaction solidified how right they were for each other.  The ceremony was sweet and simple with perfect weather.  The ceremony included a rap toast by Abbie (the maid of honor) and a ton of dancing (even some polka….we are polish you know).  It was beautiful and if it’s not on a wedding blog soon, I will be surprised.  Every detail was creative and imaginative and HAND MADE.  Even the doors pictured below…hand stained by Auntie Judy and will be used as HEAD BOARDS on their bed.  ARGH so PERFECT.


Even the send off was gorgeous (it included everyone chanting ABBIE ABBIE ABBIE as she riled up the crowd for the happy couple).


Cheers to another happy couple (3/6).

Seeing as I have problems sitting still, I dragged my family to Tallulah Gorge State Park.  We love each other and they humor me, even when hungover.  What else can I say, family time is the best.  My stubborn yet completive father managed to crush all the stairs up and down to the waterfalls.  It’s always worth it for the views.  Again, WHO KNEW GEORGIA LOOKED LIKE THIS AND DIDN’T TELL ME?


1-2 June: Work Trip to Asheville #spoiled

I went up to Asheville, NC for a short trip for work.  Marie told me I would love Asheville.  I had no idea how much I would love it.  Doing as I do, I dragged my coworkers out to Looking Glass Falls (there are 60 waterfalls in the surrounding mountains).  Neither had seen a waterfall in person, so it was worth the extra 1.5 hours driving.


The work trip was great.  Not just because we got to eat amazing Thai at Little Bee Thai (try the wings…you won’t regret it) nor because we got to eat the best hummus I’ve had since Israel at Jerusalem Garden Cafe, but because I got to touch weather records from 1868.  Have you touched anything from the 1800s?  I hadn’t either.


Phew.  Ok.  That’s all the traveling I did.  Scott and I did NOTHING all weekend but meal prep, go out to eat, and explore the city (checked out my new favorite run at the River Front Park).  How did I get so lucky to live here?


Alright.  That’s it.  Goal is to get back to writing every two weeks or so with adventure updates so they aren’t so damn long.

I hope your week is awesome.



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  1., what a perfect title for your blog! Enjoyed the email updates and seeing all your adventures on Facebook! You guys are adorable!❤️

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